Source Information Denmark, Births and Christenings Index, 1631-1900s [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2008.
Original data: Genealogical Society of Utah. Western Europe Vital Records Index. Salt Lake City, Utah: Intellectual Reserve, copyright 2000. Used by permission.

About Denmark, Births and Christenings Index, 1631-1900s

This database contains information extracted from birth and christening records from selected localities in Denmark. The records date from 1631 up to the 1900s. The records included in this database do not represent all localities in Denmark and for any given area, coverage (both records within a year and total year range) may not be complete

Information extracted from the original records may include:

  • Name (When the surname is not given, consider that it could be the same as the father's, or a patronymic after the first name of the father)

  • Gender

  • Birth date

  • Christening date

  • Christening place

  • Christening age

  • Death date (usually indicates the death of an infant)

  • Parents’ names

  • Grandparents’ names