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JewishGen Hungarian Special Interest Group volunteers, comp. Hungary, Death Records collected by Rabbis in Various Counties, 1827-1940 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Database transcribed from original records located on microfilm at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Specific microfilm information is provided with each record. This data is provided in partnership with

About Hungary, Death Records collected by Rabbis in Various Counties, 1827-1940

This database contains information on deaths from various towns in Hungary from 1800 to 1914. It is compiled by the JewishGen Hungarian Special Interest Group and is transcribed from microfilm copies of original records. The microfilm copies are located at the LDS Family History Library. The original data was created by rabbis in each community (or for small communities,in centralized district registers) as required by the Emperor. These records are handwritten in German,Hebrew,or Hungarian.

The database includes the following fields:

  • Name — Surname and Given Name(s) of the deceased

  • Date of Death — Day-Month-Year

  • Father — Father’s Given Name(s) – the first name of the person’s father

  • Mother — The Given Name(s) and Maiden Name of the person’s mother

  • Town — The Town where the death occurred,and the Town where the death was registered

  • Jaras / Meyge — The District and County of the Town where the death was registered

  • Comments — Other useful information in the record,such as the town of birth,cause of death,marital status,age,etc.

  • Source — LDS Microfilm Number,used to order the microfilm from an LDS Family History Center,or other source

  • Record Number — The purpose of the record number is to aid in finding the original record on the microfilm or other source of vital records. We are now standardizing on the format PPP-NN,where PPP represents the page number within a film,or volume,and NN represents the item number on that page. Some older records may have the system YYYY-N (where YYYY = the year of the record and N = the record number from that year associated with the record) or simply the number associated with a record for small towns.

It should be understood by all researchers that these are index files,and no attempt was made to replicate all the data in the original registers. Researchers should go to the source record,wherever possible,to obtain additional information such as witnesses,notes by the registrar,and other information.

Contents of the Database:

There are about 35,000 records in the database to date,including the following:

  • Berczel,Szabolcs,1854-1885
  • Bezded,Szabolcs,Tiszabezded,HU,1876-1885
  • Bittse,Trencsén,Bytca,SK,1856-1887
  • Bodrogkeresztúr,Zemplén,1827-1895
  • Bokony,Szabolcs,1800-1885
  • Certižné,Zemplén,Certižné,SK,1907-1940
  • Chropo,Nyitra,Chropov,SK,1852-1894
  • Debrecen,Hajdú,1859-1895
  • Dombrád,Szabolcs,1878-1895
  • Encsencs,Szabolcs,1871-1885
  • Erdobenye,Zemplén,1840-1895
  • Felsöszvidnik,Sáros,Svidník,SK,1878-1895
  • Fenyeslitke,Szabolcs,1858-1895
  • Galszecs,Zemplén,Secovce,SK,1854-1895
  • Gava,Szabolcs,Gávavencsello,HU,1860-1895
  • Gelse,Hugyaj,& Ibrony, Szabolcs,Nyirgelse,Erpatak,& Nyiribront,HU,1849-1885
  • Gemzse,Besenyo,& Doghe,Szabolcs,Gemzse,Besenyod & Döge,HU,1856-1892
  • Gesztered,Szabolcs,1852-1883
  • Gyor,Gyor,,1846-1895
  • Gyulaháza,Nyirlugos,Piricse,Szabolcs,1836-1895
  • Hajdúnánás,Hajdú,,1852-1895
  • Homonna,Zemplén,Humenne,SK,1851-1895
  • Kallosemjen,Szabolcs,1810-1890
  • Karász,Szabolcs,Nyírkarász,HU,1878-1895
  • Kecskemet,Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun,1832-1891
  • Kiskunfelegyhaza,Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun,1869-1890
  • Kiskunmajsa,Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun,1850-1895
  • Kisvarda,Szabolcs,1851-1895
  • Mád,Zemplén,1828-1880
  • Mandok,Szabolcs,1850-1895
  • Mateszalka,Szatmár,1863-1895
  • Miskolc,Borsod,1836-1885
  • Moson & Magyar-Ovár,Moson,Mosonmagyaróvár,HU,1895-1911
  • Nagy Ida,Abaúj-Torna,Velká Ida,SK,1851-1885
  • Nagykallo,Szabolcs,1844-1895
  • Nyirbator,Szabolcs,1852-1895
  • Nyirbogat,Szabolcs,1851-1885
  • Nyíregyháza,Szabolcs,1866-1895
  • Olaszliszka,Zemplén,1841-1895
  • Örladány,Szabolcs,Mezoladány,HU,1876-1885
  • Polgar,Szabolcs,1876-1885
  • Sárospatak,Zemplén,1835-1895
  • Sátoraljaújhely,Zemplén,1851-1895
  • Szerencs,Zemplén,1827-1895
  • Szinyérváralja,Szatmár,Seini,ROM,1855-1857
  • Tarczal,Zemplén,Tarcal,HU,1827-1895
  • Tiszalok,Szabolcs,1832-1894
  • Tokaj,Zemplén,1827-1895
  • Tolcsva,Zemplén,1841-1895
  • Ujléta,Bihar,1897
  • Vamospercs,Hajdú,1852-1914

16 Dec 2020: Additional records created though database improvements.