Source Information

Ellen Sadove Renck, comp. Poland, Nowogródek Province Business Directory, 1929 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Ksiega Adresowa Polski (Wraz z w.m. Gdanskiem) dla Handlu, Przemyslu, Rzemiosl i Rolnictwa. [Address, business and telephone directories of Poland donated by Jewish Genealogy Society to Slavic and Baltic Division of the New York Public Library] [microform]. [New York: Slavic & Baltic Division, NYPL, 1996]. Call number: Slav. Reserve 96-7788. This data is provided in partnership with

About Poland, Nowogródek Province Business Directory, 1929

This database contains names abstracted from the 1929 Polish business directory Ksiega Adresowa Polski (Wraz z w.m. Gdanskiem) dla Handlu, Przemyslu, Rzemiosl i Rolnictwa [Directory of Poland (including Gdansk) for Trade, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture]. Only names from the section for Nowogródzkie Województwo (Nowogródek Province) were extracted.

Historical Background:

Nowogródek was one of the 16 provinces of inter-war Poland. This area is not in Poland today. It is now in western Belarus, with a tiny portion in southeastern Lithuania. Poland controlled this territory roughly from World War I to World War II. Before WWI, this area was in Vilna, Grodno, and Minsk gubernias of the Russian Empire.

A województwo (voivodie) was a geographic designation of the country of Poland between World War I and World War II, roughly equivalent to a state in the United States or province in Canada. Each województwo was divided into powiats (districts), roughly equivalent to a U.S. county. These powiats were in turn divided into uchastoks, roughly equivalent to U.S. townships.

Nowogródek Province's seven powiats were: Baranowicze, Lida, Nieśwież, Nowogródek, Słonim, Stołpce, and Wołożyn. (Before WWI, Lida district was in Vilna gubernia, Słonim district was in Grodno gubernia, the other five districts were in Minsk gubernia).

About the Database:

The fields in this database include the following:

  • Town name (and latitude and longitude, if known)

  • Powiat (district) of Nowogródskie province in which the town was located

  • Surname of the listed person or business owner

  • First name, usually just an initial

  • An "x", if the business was registered

  • Street address, if noted

  • Occupation / Business

  • Notes. The notes generally are the amount of land and/or names of the estate owned by a "landowner", a rare telephone number, or a hamlet of the town listed.

All information published in the directory from this province has been included in this database. The database contains 15,122 citations.

Where to Find a Copy of the Original:

The entire 1929 directory is available on microfilm in the New York Public Library's Slavic and Baltic Division, call number [Slav. Reserve 96-7788].