Source Information

Bella Nayyer, et. al, comp. Mogilev, Belarus, Male Birth Index, 1862-1893 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2008.
Original data: Jewish Congregation. Birth Index 1864-1893. Minsk, Belarus: Central State Historical Archives of Belarus. Fond 3362, Series 2, File 1. This index is also available on Microfilm 1920800, Item 4, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. This data is provided in partnership with

About Mogilev, Belarus, Male Birth Index, 1862-1893

This database contains a transliteration from Russian of a partial index of male births from Mogilev, Russia (today Belarus) for 1864-1893. However, there are also some births from 1862.

The index lists the baby boys according to father's name. The given names of the boys are not listed. It was originally compiled by persons unknown from the Crown Rabbinate Records of Mogilev. There are 9,805 records in this index. It should be noted that the index, as it was found on the microfilm, did not include all years for which records are available in the Minsk Archive and which have been microfilmed.

It is unknown who made the original index or why it was made. It is also unknown whether the original index was checked or proofed against actual records when it was compiled. Also, this transliteration was completed using only the original index. For these reasons, there may be errors in the correspondence of the index number to the actual record numbers.

The index contains the following columns:

  • Year of Birth - Birth year of the child

  • Index # - corresponds to the record number on the actual records

  • Surname

  • Father's Given Name

  • Comments

There are fields missing throughout the database. This is either because there was no data or the data was unreadable. Also, during different time periods the information collected was slightly different. The years 1890-1891 includes some patronymics.