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Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Washington, comp. U.S., Jewish Names in Selected State Department Files, 1910-1929 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: National Archives. General Records of the Department of State, 1756-1993. Record Group 59. Washington, D.C.: National Archives. This data is provided in partnership with

About U.S., Jewish Names in Selected State Department Files, 1910-1929


From 1910 to 1963, the U.S. Department of State's correspondence and memos were filed by subject according to a predetermined decimal file classification scheme, divided into the file (time) segments. The decimal file consists of nine classes. The Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington (JGSGW) has indexed records from the time period of 1910 to 1929, class 3, Protection of interests. This record group consists of correspondence from American citizens or their representatives who appealed to the U.S. Department of State for help in tracing relatives, sending money, food and other assistance to family members in Europe. Most entries were made during and immediately following World War I.

These records are of significant genealogical value. Many include documents of births, marriages and deaths of US citizens abroad; settlement of the foreign estates of US citizens who died abroad; lists and correspondence of US citizens temporarily or permanently residing abroad. Names of people who were not US citizens were often mentioned and are included in this database.

About the Database:

This database contains 9,724 entries from Record Group 59, covering the time period 1910-1929, for selected geographical locations — primarily Palestine (2,000 records), Romania (2,000 records), and Austria-Hungary (4,300 records). However, there are also records for Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Georgia, Yugoslavia, Estonia, Free City of Danzig, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Tripoli and Barca, Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

Database Fields:

This database contains the following fields:

  • Surname: Last name of person whose name appears in the correspondence, document, list, etc. When more than one name appears, each is listed separately. If the maiden name is given along with the married name, both will be listed in the database.

  • Given Name: First name; and middle, patronymic or title, if given.

  • City: this refers to the geographical location given in the correspondence or document. It may be the last known residence or place of birth of the person whose whereabouts are questioned, or the residence of the person making the inquiry.

  • Spellings of names and towns vary for many reasons. Also, keep in mind that the town may be the last known residence, not the city or town you believed they lived in most of their lives. No attempt has been made to correct the spelling of any of the information to what the person entering the data believed should be the “correct” spelling, and no attempt was made to use the modern name of the locality.
  • Country: Corresponds to the City.

  • Box number: The number assigned by NARA to the archival box containing the document. For example, boxes 4568 through 4572 contain documents classified as 367m (Turkey in Asia); boxes 4572 through 4581 contain documents classified as 367n (Palestine).

  • File & Document number: The decimal number assigned to the specific document. Documents in this database are assigned numbers as described below.