Source Information Upper Brittany, France War Memorials Index, 1870-1945 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data: ABGH Parchemin, compileurs. Militaires et civils inscrits sur les monuments aux morts d’Ille et Vilaine et Côtes-d'Armor. Bases de données électroniques. Rennes, France: ABGH Parchemin.

About Upper Brittany, France War Memorials Index, 1870-1945

This database contains data indexed from war memorials by members of ABGH Parchemin, a genealogical association in France. The index includes war memorials of French soldiers from more than 375 communities in the Ille-et-Vilaine and Côtes-d'Armor departments of Brittany.

The majority of records fall between 1914 and 1945, when France lost more than 1.5 million soldiers during World War I and World War II. Other records may date back as early as 1870.

There are over 31 thousand records in this database. While this is a significant amount of records, it does not necessarily cover all war memorials or gravestones for this time and place.

Information listed in this database includes:

  • Name
  • Memorial location (city and department)
  • Death date
  • Conflict served in

Some records also include comments which may provide additional information about the soldier’s place of death.