Source Information Jews in Colonial America (AJHS Oppenheim Collection), 1650-1850 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data: AJHS Oppenheim Collection, 1650-1850. 42 Boxes. New York, New York: American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History.

About Jews in Colonial America (AJHS Oppenheim Collection), 1650-1850

This data collection consists of research notes taken by Samuel Oppenheim from primary sources on Colonial American and Brazilian Jewry. Information found in this collection includes names, date and place of residence, as well as spouse information.

There are 9 basic box groups:

  • Boxes 1-17 contain information on individual Jews
  • Boxes 18-21 contain information on groups of Jews
  • Boxes 22-23 contain information on Congregation Shearith Israel
  • Box 24 contains Aaron Lopez Correspondence from the 1700s (shipping information, etc.). Most material is not original but hand-copied or typewritten.
  • Box 25 contains Newspaper Advertisements from 1735 to 1799
  • Boxes 26-33 contain various records from Brazil and Surinam. These include, but are not exclusive to legal documents.
  • Boxes 34-35 contain unpublished and variant manuscripts
  • Boxes 36-38 contain research correspondence
  • Boxes 39-42 contain various records in shorthand

The notes in this collection are arranged alphabetically by individual, then chronologically. Users should take care while using this collection as there were often people with the same name living in the same city. In instances such as these, efforts were made by Samuel Oppenheim to distinguish which individual certain events pertained to. In the event that no distinction could be made the note was simply placed in one folder or another.