Source Information New South Wales, Australia, Wives & Children of Irish Convicts, 1825-1840 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data:

Wives & Children of Irish Convicts Petitioned by Husbands and Fathers. CD-ROM. Central Coast Family History Society Inc. East Gosford, New South Wales.

About New South Wales, Australia, Wives & Children of Irish Convicts, 1825-1840

This index contains lists of wives and children of convicts transported to New South Wales who, at their husband's or father’s request, were brought to New South Wales at the government's expense to join their spouse or parent. The index also includes female convicts whose children were transported with them. This index was compiled from musters and other New South Wales records.

Because the names were extracted from various records, this index is not necessarily a complete list of convicts’ wives and children who came to New South Wales. The records also include some free settlers who took passage on the ships bringing the convicts.

The index provides the following details:

  • name of convict, spouse or child
  • ship name
  • ship departure year
  • remarks (these can include place information or even birth dates)

The index includes names of some individuals who refused the request to be transported to New South Wales. For those records, the ship's name and departure year is listed for the ship they would have travelled in. Also, wives and husbands do not always share or provide the same surname.