Source Information U.S., Joseph Raphael Cohen Collection, 1777-1843 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.
Original data:

Jacob Raphael Cohen. Jacob Raphael Cohen Collection. P-118. American Jewish Historical Society, New York, New York.

About U.S., Joseph Raphael Cohen Collection, 1777-1843

This database contains the will and inventory of the estate of Jacob Raphael Cohen (1728–1811), an early Jewish hazzan (cantor) in North America. It also includes a record book started by Cohen and continued after his death that lists over 500 records of circumcisions, marriages, and deaths in Pennsylvania, New York, and Quebec. The American Jewish Historical Society provides further details:

Contains a copy of the Record book begun by Jacob Raphael Cohen (1738–1811) and continued by several others, among them Benjamin Nones (1757–1826), Dr. Alexander Wertheim (d. 1830), Lewis Allen, Jr. (1793–1841), Zalegman Phillips (1779–1839), and Abraham Hart (1810–1885). Contains records of circumcisions, marriages and deaths, in Hebrew and English, of more than 500 individuals in Pennsylvania, New York and Quebec where Cohen served as a Hazzan.

Some of the records are completely in Hebrew.