Source Information Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, RMS Titanic Graves, 1912 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.
Original data: Images of Titanic Graves. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Fairview Cemetery.

About Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, RMS Titanic Graves, 1912

This database contains images of headstones marking the graves in Fairview Cemetery for victims of the Titanic sinking.

Historical Background

Immediately after the Titanic disaster, the White Star Line chartered ships to search for and retrieve the bodies at the site of the disaster. The ships returned to the port at Halifax, Nova Scotia, with just over 200 victims of the sinking. More than 100 others had been buried at sea. While some of the bodies were later transported home according to relatives’ wishes, 121 of the victims were buried at Fairview Lawn, a local cemetery in Halifax.

Fairview Cemetery is home to the largest collection of Titanic graves in the world. This collection contains images for most of the headstones for Titanic victims.

Information on the headstones varies. Some of the bodies could not be identified, and in these instances, the headstones list only a date (April 15, 1912) and a marker number. This number refers to a list made as bodies were recovered. Each was assigned a number, and some were never positively identified. Others include a name and sometimes more detailed inscriptions. Some will have a date and number with a name added in white on the side. These were names of victims that were later confirmed. This collection does not include images from two nearby cemeteries with a smaller number of Titanic graves: Mount Olivet and Baron de Hirsch.