Source Information

Original data: City of Ottawa—Tax Assessment and Collector Rolls. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: City of Ottawa Archive.

About Ottawa (Gloucester), Ontario, Canada, Tax Assessment and Collector Rolls, 1855-1919

This database contains tax assessment and collectors rolls for persons living in the Township of Gloucester, Ontario, Canada, 1855–1919.

Historical Background

Gloucester Township was established in 1792, named Gloucester in 1793, and incorporated as a township in 1850. Ottawa was incorporated as a city in 1855 and was chosen as capital for the Province of Canada in 1857. Settlement in Ottawa had sprung up almost 30 years earlier to support building of the Rideau Canal, then continued in support of the growing timber trade.

What You Can Find in These Records

This database contains images of both tax assessment and collectors rolls. Tax assessment rolls provided estimates of property values that were used as a basis for municipal taxation. Collectors rolls were used to record taxes paid. Both documents contain similar details, which may include the following:

  • name of occupier
  • age
  • occupation
  • name of owner
  • address or lot
  • acreage
  • value of property
  • taxes assessed

Forms may indicate include marital status for women, religion, number of children and other breakdowns of residents by age, livestock owned or improvements made to property, and other details related to taxation or population statistics. Tax assessments are useful for both tracing your ancestors’ movements and the details they can provide on a family’s situation.