Source Information

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Munich, Germany, Nazi Documentation Regarding Jews, 1919-1946 (USHMM) [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.

This collection was indexed by World Memory Project contributors from the digitized holdings of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, RG-68.094M: Nazi Documentation-Munich Municipality (M.1.DN). For more information about this collection, click on the collection title above to access the USHMM’s catalog record, or email [email protected]

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About Munich, Germany, Nazi Documentation Regarding Jews, 1919-1946 (USHMM)

This collection contains a variety of Nazi documentation regarding Jews in the municipality of Munich between 1919 and 1946. Included you’ll find lists of Jewish persons in the municipality, property confiscations, deportation lists, lists of Jews who owned weapons, names of those who committed suicide after Kristallnacht, deceased Jews from the Dautmergen camp, labor cards from the Judenrat in Vilna and Lodz, records of the deportation of Jews with American citizenship, a list of Jews who were deprived of their academic titles by the University of Wuerzburg, a list of apartments vacated by Jews, a list of Jewish merchants, a list of Jewish debtors, a list of prisoners in the Sonneberg labor camp, and a list of Jewish cattle traders. The original documents are held by Yad Vashem.

What's in the Records

Details vary widely by form, but records in this index may include the following:

  • name
  • nationality
  • marital status
  • occupation
  • street address
  • prisoner number
  • birth date
  • birth place
  • death date
  • document date
  • document place

These records are in German.

Ordering Records

Additional details about these victims may be included in the original records. While the index is freely accessible from, the images of these records are not available in this database. Copies of the images can be ordered at no cost from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Click here for ordering information.

Historical Background

Learn more about Kristallnacht, or the "Night of Broken Glass," in the online Holocaust Encyclopedia Holocaust Encyclopedia.

More information about Judenrat, or Jewish councils established by the Germans during World War II, is also available in the encyclopedia.

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