Source Information Canada, Selected School Yearbooks, 1901-2010 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
Original data: Various school yearbooks from across Canada.

About Canada, Selected School Yearbooks, 1901-2010

This is an indexed collection of middle school, junior high, high school, and college yearbooks from across the Canada.

Yearbooks are one of those home sources, usually found in an attic or basement, which many people don't think of as a family history source. While yearbooks may not provide information about the vital events that are usually associated with genealogical research, they do provide other information about individuals' lives. This information helps place people in historical context and creates life stories surrounding individuals that are sometimes only known by names and dates.

Here are some examples of how yearbooks may help you in your family history:

  • Pinpoints an individual in a particular time and place

  • Class lists usually include a photo (See what grandpa looked like as a freshman in high school)

  • Interests and hobbies (What activities, sports, and clubs did grandma participate in?)

  • Family linkage (Some yearbooks feature siblings at the same school. If not, look for other students with the same last name in other grades - they could be related.)

  • History (A history of the school or town may be included in the yearbook. General history such as world events, fads, and pop culture may also be found through studying a yearbook. What was "in", fashion-wise? What world events concerned and influenced students most?)

Search Tips:

Records in this database were extracted using a new OCR indexing method that improves searching and results. The records were not transcribed. Because this collection uses OCR technology, we encourage you to correct any errors you may find in the data by going to the image and editing the name in the correction panel at the bottom of the image viewer. If you do not find a name using the search option, try browsing the images or searching the name by entering it in the keyword field.