Source Information Traunstein, Germany, Military Records, 1853-1945 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2017.
Original data: Archiv der Stadt Traunstein, Traunstein, Deutschland.

About Traunstein, Germany, Military Records, 1853-1945

About this collection

This collection contains military records from Traunstein covering the years 1853 up to and including 1945. The administrative center Traunstein is located in Bavaria on the Traun river about 62 miles southeast of Munich and 6 miles east of Lake Chiemsee. It was first mentioned in a document from the year 1245. Traunstein is located along the historic salt route and, for many years, salt production was its most important industry. Today the Salinenkapelle church and the historical saltworks in Au are popular landmarks. During the time period of this collection, Traunstein belonged, until 1918, to the Kingdom of Bavaria.

This collection contains record holdiings from historical military sources in Traunstein. The earliest documents are military personnel rosters, also called muster rolls or lists (Stammrolle). Other records include directories of all male military residents (Verzeichnis). These were created by relevant authorities in order to track replacement personnel. Documents include: World War II casualties recorded at the Traunstein registry office (Liste der Beim Standesamt Traunstein Bekannt Gewordenen Gefallenen); remembrance cards, with photographs, of World War I fallen from Traunstein (Sterbebilder der im Weltkriege gefallenen Traunsteiner); and lists of conscripts with medical education (Restanten-Liste). Recruitment lists created by the Replacements Commission are included in the muster rolls, for example, in the "Rekrutierungs-Stammrolle Jahrgang." These include the actual muster rolls sorted by birth year. These records are arranged in chronological-alphabetical order and contain detailed information about male military personnel in the city. They are an important historical resource for Traunstein. Additionally, some of the lists record an individual's military duties or record personnel who, at inspection time, were on leave or exempted from service for unfitness or domestic circumstances.

What you can find in the records

Authorities captured the information about military personnel by year of birth and alphabetically by surname. It was recorded on preprinted forms filled in by hand. Depending on the form used and its purpose, the following details may be found:

  • Sequential number
  • Military Details: Last Name, Given Names, Birthdate/Place, Marital Statusr
  • Parent Details: Last Name, Given Names, Alive at the time of Muster, Father's Occupation, Place of Residence
  • Muster Date (usually 20 years after date of birth), Military Duty Station, Denomination, Occupation, Muster Details, Service Dates and Locations, Military Unit.
  • Notes

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These documents are principally lists. The majority contain several records per page. The lists may occasionally cover two pages. Under "Browse this collection,” select the Title then the Year Range for the desired records.