Source Information Newfoundland, Canada, Census, 1945 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2017.
Original data: Newfoundland. Department Of Tourism, Culture, And Recreation, Newfoundland, Canada.

About Newfoundland, Canada, Census, 1945

This collection includes images and an index of the 1945 census.

The census records in this collection may include:

  • Name of head of household
  • Age of head of household
  • Address of head of household
  • Name of spouse
  • Age of spouse
  • Names of children
  • Children's ages
  • Other relatives

Please note: The pages of the original ledgers of the 1945 Nominal Census were bound in an incorrect order.
For most of the districts, the right-hand side of the page does not match the left-hand side.
In most cases the correct matches of right to left can be found by counting back two pages from the left side of the page which contains the names of persons residing in each household.