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Source Information

Anonymous. War of 1812: Miscellaneous Canadian Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002.

About War of 1812: Miscellaneous Canadian Records

This is a collection of databases providing information on many Canadians and British in the War of 1812, with some American names. It includes a list of prisoners (not soldiers) taken at Newark (Niagara, Ontario); a list of individuals and their property losses at Newark (Niagara, Ontario); Volunteers with Major Willcocks 1813; Roll Of Men Belonging To The Corps Of Canadian Volunteers In The Service Of The United States Under The Command Of Col. Jos. Willcocks: that were ordered to service in different detachments taken at Batavia as of June 1815; a pay list (serves as a muster roll) for Lt. Col. J. Willcocks' Company; Muster Roll of Canadian Volunteers; Muster roll of a Detachment of the 4th Regiment Lincoln Militia under the command of Lieut-Colonel Robert Nelles; Muster Roll of Captain Jonathan Moore, 4th. Lincoln; Muster Roll of Capt. Abram Nelles' Flank Company and a list of widows and their pensions (including details on their deceased husbands) in the Niagara area of Ontario.