Source Information Kentucky, U.S., Census Non-Population schedules, 1850-1880 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2022.
Original data:

Copies of Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Kentucky, 1960 - 1964; NAID: 2791276; Records of the Bureau of the Census, 1790 - 2007, Record Group Number 29; The National Archives at Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

About Kentucky, U.S., Census Non-Population schedules, 1850-1880

About Kentucky, U.S., Non-population Schedules, 1850-1880

General collection information

This collection includes non-population census schedules from Kentucky between the years of 1850 and 1880. Types of schedules available include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Social statistics
  • "Defectives, delinquents, and dependents" classes
  • Most records are handwritten in pre-printed ledgers.

    Using this collection

    This collection may include the following information:

  • Name
  • Race
  • Age
  • Residence
  • Enumeration details
  • Name of farm/company owner
  • Types of crops/livestock produced
  • Value of farm
  • Details about schools
  • Company name
  • Production statistics
  • Wages
  • Tax information
  • The records in this collection contain a wealth of information and are an excellent supplement for population census records. The various types of non-population schedules can help you uncover new details about your family. Were they farmers? The agriculture schedules can tell the scale of their farm and what they produced. If your family member worked for a company, the manufacturing schedule may be able to tell you their wages or what materials they worked with. What were the schools in their community like? If your family member had a disability, you may be able to use the DDD schedules to uncover what type of care they received.

    The time period covered by these schedules is particularly fascinating because you can use them to track pre- and post-Civil War economic data.

    History of the collection

    Most researchers are familiar with the federal census which occurs every ten years and tracks population data; however some states may also have conducted non-population schedules to keep track of available resources and societal needs. Not all states utilized non-population schedules.

    Kentucky conducted various non-population schedules to track manufacturing, agriculture, and social statistics. Additionally, a schedule known as the "DDD Schedule" (Defectives, delinquents, and dependent classes) tracked populations who were impoverished, orphans, prisoners, or who had disabilities. Some of the language in this collection may be outdated or offensive, as it is displayed as it was originally recorded. Displaying records in their original state provides opportunities to learn about the specific times, places, and socio-cultural environments of our ancestors.


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