Source Information Canada, Imperial War Service Gratuities, 1919-1921 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
Original data: Imperial War Service Gratuities. RG9-II-F-10. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

About Canada, Imperial War Service Gratuities, 1919-1921

At the conclusion of the Great War, all Canadian service personnel received a payment based on length of service to facilitate the transition to civilian life. British military personnel also received a gratuity, somewhat less than the Canadian rate. In December 1919, the Canadian government decided to increase the gratuity for all Canadian residents who had served with the British forces during the war. Three conditions had to be met. First, the individual had to have been a resident of Canada on August 4, 1914. Second, he or she had to return to Canada to reside after the war. Third, he or she had to be a permanent resident at the time of application.

These records consist of applications for the increased gratuity payment and may include information on residency before and after the war, marital status, family, travel details (to and from the United Kingdom) and the amount of gratuity awarded. Some files may also include personal correspondence from the applicant and occasionally you might find a “mother’s application” which has detailed personal family information.

Most applications were submitted by men who had served with the British flying services, the Royal Navy and the British Expeditionary Force and from about 700 women who travelled to the United Kingdom to serve with the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service or with the Voluntary Aid Detachments as nurses.

You may also find noted the ship’s name they travelled on when they returned home and you can search for it in the "Canadian Passenger Lists" collection.