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Scholars of St. Peter's College Westminster 1561-1812
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Sedbergh School Register 1546-1895
School Lists & Yearbooks0
The Eton College Register 1698-1752
School Lists & Yearbooks0
The Derby School Register 1570-1901
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Oxford - Brasenose College Register 1509-1909
School Lists & Yearbooks7,668
Long Island Source Records
School Lists & Yearbooks747
Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886
School Lists & Yearbooks122,726
The history of Harvard University
School Lists & Yearbooks1,377
A Record of the commemoration, November fifth to eighth, 1886, on the 250th anniversary of the founding of Harvard College
School Lists & Yearbooks374
Index to the Act books of the archbishops of Canterbury, 1663-1859
School Lists & Yearbooks997
Education in Albany : an opportunity and business
School Lists & Yearbooks54
Supplementary list of the boys and girls admitted into Ackworth School
School Lists & Yearbooks39
Fifty years on the Fairhaven school board
School Lists & Yearbooks15
The Dutch schools of New Netherland and colonial New York
School Lists & Yearbooks235
The Story of the Voorlezer's house
School Lists & Yearbooks8
An historical sketch of Harvard University
School Lists & Yearbooks66
The story of a small college
School Lists & Yearbooks238
The school interests of Elizabeth : a city of New Jersey, U.S.A. : A.D. 1664-1910
School Lists & Yearbooks87
Sixty years of Saint Lawrence
School Lists & Yearbooks391
Historical sketch of School District Number Thirteen, North Danvers
School Lists & Yearbooks30
Caleb Mills and the Indiana school system
School Lists & Yearbooks335
Old Westminsters, Up to 1927
School Lists & Yearbooks1,169
Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900
School Lists & Yearbooks151,053