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Queensland, Australia, School Admission Records, 1860-1992
School Lists & Yearbooks2,325,823
UK and Commonwealth, Law Examination Records, 1836-1946
School Lists & Yearbooks524,515
South Australia, Australia, Destitute Asylum Ledgers and Admissions to Industrial and Reformatory Schools, 1849-1913
School Lists & Yearbooks79,347
South Australia, Australia, School Admissions Registers, 1876-1989
School Lists & Yearbooks242,984
Ireland, National School Registers, 1847-1959
School Lists & Yearbooks157,855
Poweshiek County, Iowa, U.S., Probate, School, and Court Records, 1850-1954
School Lists & Yearbooks0
London, England, Royal Holloway and Bedford College Student Registers, 1849-1931
School Lists & Yearbooks27,370
Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany, School Lists, 1835-1920 (in German)
School Lists & Yearbooks31,006
Fife, Scotland, School Admissions and Discharges, 1867-1916
School Lists & Yearbooks138,517
UK, University of London Student Records, 1836-1945
School Lists & Yearbooks188,619
London, England, Poor Law School District Registers, 1852-1918
School Lists & Yearbooks510,893
Lockport Area, Illinois, U.S., Church, Cemetery, and Other Records, 1811-1995
School Lists & Yearbooks141,422
New South Wales, Teacher Applications and School Records, 1850-1960
School Lists & Yearbooks6,186
Ebersberg, Germany, School Lists, 1824-1912 (in German)
School Lists & Yearbooks28,303
Somerset, England, School Registers, 1860-1914
School Lists & Yearbooks47,047
Beddington, Surrey, England, Royal Female Orphanage List of Children, 1890-1913
School Lists & Yearbooks598
Crusheen, County Clare, Ireland, Catholic School Records, 1862-1919
School Lists & Yearbooks23,433
Web: Chester County, Pennsylvania, U.S., Poor School Children, 1810-1841
School Lists & Yearbooks62,979
South Africa, Select Academic Records, 1800-1965
School Lists & Yearbooks18,832
New Zealand, School Registers and Lists, 1850-1967
School Lists & Yearbooks22,661
South Dakota, U.S., School Records, 1879-1970
School Lists & Yearbooks200,731
Victoria, Australia, St Peter's Eastern Hill, Selected Records, 1848-1998
School Lists & Yearbooks16,534
West Yorkshire, England, Reformatory School Records, 1856-1914
School Lists & Yearbooks9,093
U.S., Selected Quaker College Yearbooks and Alumni Directories, 1896-2003
School Lists & Yearbooks521,947
Mississippi, U.S., Enumeration of Educable Children, 1850-1892; 1908-1957
School Lists & Yearbooks211,757