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UK and Commonwealth, Law Examination Records, 1836-1946
School Lists & Yearbooks524,515
London, England, Royal Holloway and Bedford College Student Registers, 1849-1931
School Lists & Yearbooks27,370
Fife, Scotland, School Admissions and Discharges, 1867-1916
School Lists & Yearbooks138,517
Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, Carnegie Music Institution Registers, 1910-1920
School Lists & Yearbooks13,699
UK, University of London Student Records, 1836-1945
School Lists & Yearbooks188,619
London, England, School Admissions and Discharges, 1912-1918
School Lists & Yearbooks178,308
London, England, Poor Law School District Registers, 1852-1918
School Lists & Yearbooks510,893
Somerset, England, School Registers, 1860-1914
School Lists & Yearbooks47,047
Beddington, Surrey, England, Royal Female Orphanage List of Children, 1890-1913
School Lists & Yearbooks598
West Yorkshire, England, Reformatory School Records, 1856-1914
School Lists & Yearbooks9,093
Hand Book to St Andrews
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Sedbergh School Register 1546-1895
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Scholars of St. Peter's College Westminster 1561-1812
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Sudbrook School (Mixed) 1900-1928 Admission Register
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Severn Tunnel School 1883-1913 Log Book
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Sudbrook School (Mixed) 1881-1896 Admission Register
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Sudbrook School (Infants) 1900-1913 Admission Register
School Lists & Yearbooks0
The Derby School Register 1570-1901
School Lists & Yearbooks0
The Eton College Register 1698-1752
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Uppingham School Roll 1824-1921
School Lists & Yearbooks0
University College School, London, Register 1831-1891
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Oxford - Brasenose College Register 1509-1909
School Lists & Yearbooks7,668
Matriculation Roll of the University of St. Andrews 1747-1897
School Lists & Yearbooks0
Eton School Lists, 1791-1850
School Lists & Yearbooks12,025
England, Oxford Men and Their Colleges, 1880-1892
School Lists & Yearbooks23,463