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Danish West Indies, Records and Documents Relating to General Governance, 1755-1916 (in Danish)
Bank & Insurance Records97,151
New Zealand, The New Zealand Gazette, 1860-1894
Bank & Insurance Records345,234
Lübeck, Germany, Fire Insurance Registration, 1796-1938 (in German)
Bank & Insurance Records0
Web: U.S., Slave Era Insurance Policies Index, 1640-1865
Bank & Insurance Records682
Tasmania, Australia, Insolvency and Petty Sessions, 1829-1902
Bank & Insurance Records49,833
East Frisia, Germany, Fire Insurance Registration, 1768-1937 (in German)
Bank & Insurance Records747,180
New Zealand, Bankruptcy Notices, 1893-1904
Bank & Insurance Records9,694
Washington D.C., Pension Correspondence and Case Files of Formerly Enslaved People, 1892-1922
Bank & Insurance Records2,939
Salina, New York, U.S., Records, 1805-1969
Bank & Insurance Records21,673
Jews in Colonial America (AJHS Oppenheim Collection), 1650-1850
Bank & Insurance Records1,371
Kelme, Lithuania, Records Index, 1816-1944
Bank & Insurance Records3,104
U.S., Philadelphia Bank Immigrant Passage Records, 1890-1949
Bank & Insurance Records139,003
New South Wales, Australia, Convict Savings Bank Books, 1824-1886
Bank & Insurance Records3,110
Charter and by-laws of the Bound Brook Mutual Fire Assurance Co.
Bank & Insurance Records16
U.S., Freedman's Bank Records, 1865-1874
Bank & Insurance Records685,322
New York, U.S., Emigrant Savings Bank Records, 1850-1883
Bank & Insurance Records284,268
Church manual for the members of the Second Presbyterian Church, Newark, N.J.
Bank & Insurance Records38
Charter and re-organization of the Society, 1891-2
Bank & Insurance Records23
King and Queen County records concerning 18th century persons, 5th collection
Bank & Insurance Records120
Charter, constitution & by-laws of Boehm's German Reformed congregation of Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pa.
Bank & Insurance Records43