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Canada, Selected School Yearbooks, 1901-2010
School Lists & Yearbooks2,372,269
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the University of Acadia College, also of the Teachers and Pupils of Horton Academy, 1854
School Lists & Yearbooks12
Palmares de l’Ecole Normale Jacques-Cartier, 1898-1899 (in French)
School Lists & Yearbooks28
Collège Bourget Rigaud, P. Q. Fondè En 1850. Ordo des Elèves, 1899-1900 (in French)
School Lists & Yearbooks82
First Annual Catalogue of the Officers, Faculty and Students Mount Royal College, Montreal, 1881-1882
School Lists & Yearbooks14
First Catalogue of the Trustees, Instructors and Pupils of St. Stephen Academy, St. Stephen, N.B., 1853
School Lists & Yearbooks10
O.N.C. Handbook Containing a List of Students in Attendance with Their Home Addresses and the Officers of the Various Societies, 1899-1900
School Lists & Yearbooks9
College des Médecins et Chirurgiens de la Province de Quebec Rapport Semi-Annuel, 1899 (in French)
School Lists & Yearbooks27
Annual Register and Circular of the Burlington Ladies’ Academy, Hamilton, C.W., 1849
School Lists & Yearbooks13
Names of the Members of the Class of 1898-1899 Ontario Normal College, Hamilton, Ontario
School Lists & Yearbooks6
Rapport Semi-annuel / College des Médecins Et Chirurgiens De La Province De Québec, 1900 (in French)
School Lists & Yearbooks30
The Medical Register of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Quebec, 1879
School Lists & Yearbooks24
Report of the British and Canadian School, 1830
School Lists & Yearbooks9
The Manitoba Reports, Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Queen’s Bench for Manitoba
School Lists & Yearbooks3,926
The Ontario Reports, Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the High Court of Justice for Ontario
School Lists & Yearbooks12,491
The Ontario Medical Register
School Lists & Yearbooks667
The Canadian Law List
School Lists & Yearbooks741
The Baptist Year Book of the Maritime Provinces of Canada
School Lists & Yearbooks2,296
Palmarès de l’Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal
School Lists & Yearbooks87
Palmarès de l’Ecole Modele Jacques-Cartier
School Lists & Yearbooks34
The Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Annual Report
School Lists & Yearbooks97
Montreal, Its History and Commercial Register
School Lists & Yearbooks105
The Annual Report of the Alumni of King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia
School Lists & Yearbooks174
St. George’s Society, Quebec, Officers and Members
School Lists & Yearbooks88
The Baptist Year Book for Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and the North-West Territories
School Lists & Yearbooks1,666