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Native American Wyatt/ Bessemer, Al.

Native American Wyatt/ Bessemer, Al.

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If anyone could tell me anything on the Wyatt family of Bessemer, Alabama, I would be very Grateful!

I was told that they were full blood indian, but haven't been able to prove this yet. My 2nd great grandfather was John Louis Wyatt, born 1868. His wife was named, Emmer (surname unknown)

From what I gather from family members, John Louis Wyatt's decendants lived in various parts of Alabama/ Talladega County & Birmingham & Montgomery.

Any info is appreciated!
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Joy do you have a morning Wyatt on your list?
I am searching for a Wyatt that was married to Mourning Wyatt. She was of Indian Blood.
She had 3 girls 2 of which were rebecca and Judea. Judea was my great grand mother. Mourning is listed on the census in Sumner County Tn.1850. Judea married Samuel Shelton
in Springfield Tn. in 1850. my E MAIL address is ( ) Any information will be Greatly apperaciated.


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Hi Dorothy,
I don't have a Mourning Wyatt listed. I don't have a whole lot of Wyatt information yet, I'm hoping to find out more about them soon when I see if their names appear on the Native American Roll.

I was told that my 2nd great grandfather was John Louis Wyatt born 1868. He married a lady named Emmer. She was born in the same year. They had 7 children together.

1) Mary Wyatt, b: 1892
2) B Wyatt, b: 1894 (male)
3) Ibia Wyatt, b: 1897
4) Julia Wyatt, b: 1900
5) Lilla Wyatt, b: 1903
6) Willie Lee Wyatt, b: 1905
7) Roxie Anna Wyatt, b: 1909 (my great grandmother)

I was told they were full blood indian, I'm doing research to prove this, but have come up with nothing as of yet.

John & his last 3 children later moved to Brantley County, Ga., while the first 4 remained in Alabama. If any of these names sound familiar, let me know. I'm sorry I couldn't be much help to you & wish you luck finding Mourning Wyatt.

Thank you for your help, Joy Spencer

Native American Wyatt/ Bessemer, Al.

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Thanks for answering my message.
My Mourning Wyatt was my GG grandmother.
She is listed in the Sumner Co.Tn. 1850 census as head of household and a weaver.
she had 3 children Rebecca--jane and john.
the 4th child was Judea Ann. Judea was her 2nd child. She is listed next door the sameyear married to Samuel Shelton.
judea and samuel were married in Robertson C. Tn in 1850. Aparently before the Census was taken.By 1860 they had 5 children with one born that year and 2 more by 1864.
1860 censua shows them still in Sumner Co.
with her mother Mourning and brother John
living with them. sam was in the civil war. he was captured and did not return after the war. ( died in prison ) some time later judea married John F. True together judea and John had 5 more children,the last being born when che was about 50 years old. In about 1882 shortly after their last child was born. Dont know when or what happened to john but Judea died in the home of her daughter by Sam (Ardelia AND JACK Raines )
MOURNING IS AN INDIAN NAME and she is suppose to habe been indian.
any further e-mail you can send directly to
( )
thanks again


linda (View posts)
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i have a james wyatt b 1856 one of his sons john b wyatt b 1875 here in delaware. they were supposed to be indians too the census said white, i dont know if they are connected or not

Wyatt/Native American

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Would you mind me asking what year these Wyatts appeared in the Delaware census? I have been told my 2nd great grandfather lived in Alabama, but don't know if he actually was born there.

I think it would be worth looking in various states since I cannot find him on record anywhere, except after he moved to Brantley County, Ga. about 1925.

I don't have access to the Alabama census records other than what is online, so I cannot find out for sure if he came from Alabama.

Thanks so much for your help.

Joy Spencer


Linda (View posts)
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my wyatts were in the 1900census. there was also a thomas h b1844 his wife hanna j b1851 a john b1854 wife mary c b1889, in 1800 census a joseph,elijah and a william wyatt. in 1790 a sacker a john a joseph wyatt. this all came from the college in MD. Linda
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Thank you for writing back. I appreciate all of the help I can get. I'm thinking on ordering a death certificate on my 2nd great grandfather, I hope it will tell me for sure where he was born and who his parents were.

I will see if there are any Delaware census records online and find out if he is on any of those.

I will keep you posted on what I find out.

Thanks for your help!
Joy Spencer

Re: Native American Wyatt/ Bessemer, Al.

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My grandfather was half native american and european. His name was Joseph Wyatt. He has many siblings in the Georgia area.

Re: Native American Wyatt/ Bessemer, Al.

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Surnames: Wyatt
What part of Georgia did your grandfathers sibs live? My Wyatt family moved from Alabama to Brantley County, Ga. about 1925.

Where did your grandfather live if you don't mind me asking?

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your reply!

Joy Spencer
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