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Brookside ,N.S., Yeadons

Brookside ,N.S., Yeadons

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Hello Mariah--Please accept my apologies re poor typing, capitalization and even omissions and errors in Message #2. I can only plead : 1; late hour ; net surfing fatigue; surprise and exciment of hearing Queries about Brookside and family of my grandfather, William Drysdale Yeadon. To correct Message #2- John Gray(?) Yeadon was another brother: John George was the father of Margaret,Trescelia et al.Elizabeth(m. David Colquhoun) was another sister.John George's father was William Yeadon(b.1797 d.1851) and his grandfather was John (b. in England d.1833). My e-mail address is .

Am I a Yeadon Relative?

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Hello Mr. Dale E. Yeadon!

My name is Ramona Flynn. I'm just starting out with the geneological process and I came across your reply to Mariah Emerson. Your commentary on the Yeadons - including 13 children and the Halifax, Nova Scotia area rang a bell with me and so I'm replying!

My mother's maiden name is Bernadine Lucille Yeadon. The information she was able to give me is as follows:

Ellen Boutiler married James William Yeadon in (Halifax?) Nova Scotia. Among the 13 of their children was Bernard William Yeadon who was born on the Atlantic Ocean as the family came to the United States. They settled in Iron Mountain, Michigan. Bernard (my grandfather) also had a sister named Rachel.
Bernard and Rachel came to Lowell, MA at the
invitation of their aunt (Margaret Boutiler).

Margaret Boutiler married Nathaniel LeFleur.

Eventually, Rachel married, but died from influenza during the plague in the early 1900's.

Bernard married Isabelle McGeever (my grandmother) in Lowell and they had two mother, Bernadine, and my aunt
Eileen (who died last year).

Bernard died October 29, 1948, just shortly
after my birth. His wife, Isabelle (Bella) died March 23, 1955.

One last piece of additional information...
Apparently, Rachel (Yeadon) LeFleur and her
husband Nathaniel LeFleur are buried up in
Halifax (or the Halifax area) as part of Rachel's final request.

I've tried looking up the Yeadon family in Iron Mountain, Michigan... but to no avail.

My mother tells me that there was a fire at
the local church there and that a lot of records (birth, christening, marriage, death, etc.,) burned.

As I've said, I'm just beginning the geneological process and I'm discovering that the line of Yeadons traces mainly back to England and Scotland...but there are so many!....I know there are a goodly amount of
Yeadons and Boutilers in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area...but just exactly where I and my mother's lineage fits in is unclear.

Perhaps you have some information and/or guidelines that might point me in the right direction? Or perhaps, indeed, you may be a long lost relative?

Many thanks for your time and kind consideration.

Kind Regards,

Ramona Flynn


My home address is:

34 Granite Street
Nashua, NH 03064

Spryfield Brookside Yeadons

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Hello Ramona : We are probably from different branches of the same tree of N.S. Yeadons. John Yeadon came to Rawdon,N.S. in 1783. After a fire destroyed his home there he lived temporarily in Harrietsfield ,near Spryfield and near Halifax . One of his sons ,William , married Elizabeth Drysdale of Brookside in 1820. William inherited the Brookside property of Elizabeth's father but went to live in Spryfield.One of William's sons,John George later returned to Brookside , took over his father's property there ,obtained land grants in his own right and also took over all the land originally owned by his great- grandfather,John Drysdale.John George is thought of as the founder of the Brookside branch of the family. Now back to the Spryfield branch as descended from William and Elizabeth Drysdale. Some notes I have say that they had seven children including a James . I believe James eventally settled in Truro ,N.S. That is about all I know of James but there are still Yeadons living in Truro.The name Bernard is interesting because I have met a Bernard Yeadon living at Bedford,N.S. Some fifteen years ago I met Judd Yeadon who had worked many years in Flint,Michigan.My great interest would be to get reliable information concerning John (1783) Yeadon from before he left England-he married Elizabeth MacIntosh and they had at least four children ; William,Samuel, Elizabeth and one other son. In the N.S. Archives I was able to find a Pedigree Chart dated Oct18/89 by Illa Rue Skeith, Box 37, New Dayton ,Alberta, Canada, T0K 1P0 . Well Ramona,let's hope this was of some help to you . If you wish , you may get me by e-mail at any time .Best wishes - Dale Yeadon.

Origin of the Yeadon''s

Ken Yeadon (View posts)
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I think I can help. The Yeadon family name principally originates from the town of Yeadon(!) which is in West Yorkshire, England. The town is a victorian textile centre near Leeds/Bradford, but its origins go way back, being originally mentioned in the Doomsday Book when the manor was granted to a Norman soldier/petty nobleman who at the time went by the name of De Yedon. I think the first mention is around the year 1068, although I cant be sure.

The town is currently well known in Yorkshire as the home of Leeds/Bradford Airport, known locally as Yeadon Airport. The town fell on pretty hard times between the late 60's and late 80's, with the demise of the british textile industry, but more recently has perked up with the revival of the Leeds local economy.

My own family lived in the area (and my mother still lives about 5 miles away) being originally based based in the next-door town of Guiseley. The family is well known among the older residents of the area, although with much greater mobility these days this is becoming disapated. I myself am a typical example, now living in Hong Kong.

Various branches of the family thrived/struggled during the early 20th century, but most were involved in some way with the textile industry, in capacities as varied as mill workers to mill owners. My own father was orphaned as a child, and him and his brother split up, his brother to the more prosperous branch, and my father to the somewhat more impoverished, where he was brought up by an elderly spinster aunt in relative poverty. His brother died of disease in South Africa during WW2, making me as an only son the last of our specific line to carry the name (I am also named Kenneth after his brother). He managed to elevate himself into the professional classes as a banker, with an interlude as an artillery seargant in WW2, and I guess I have always enjoyed the benefit of that.

As I have four daughters, I think I might be last generation on this branch. Other branches of the family are still around though, although I dont really know any of them. During the Victorian era, the family was very prolific, but many were lost to the first and second world wars. My father had so many cousins he couldnt keep track!

I think if you are looking for genealogical records, you would be well advised to check with Guiseley Parish Church records, and Yeadon Parish Church Records, both in West Yorkshire, as this would be were records of births marriages and deaths were kept. More recently this function has been assumend by West Yorkshire County Council/Leeds Metropolitan Council, so they might be worth a try too.

Hope this helps. For your interest there is also a town outside Philadelphia PA called Yeadon. Which I think has an origin in emigration from the area sometime late 19th/early 20th century.

Ken Yeadon


Judy Van Buren (View posts)
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You said John Yeadon came to Nova Scotia in 1783. Do you know where he came from? I'm a descendant from the Yadon's that came from Ireland in the 1770s. Just trying to see if there is any connection.


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Hi Judy- My best knowledge of John Yeadon comes from a petition he wrote to the Lt.-Governor of Nova Scotia in 1811.It concerns a land claim and he tells some of his history since he arrived in NS in 1783. He does say that he came from England.However it may well be,given the year of his arrival (1783- which is the year that the United Empire Loyalist-Tories to you- came to Canada after their defeat in the Revolutionary War; also, he settled in Rawdon,NS,which was founded mainly by a Highland Scottish regiment that had fought in South Carolina; also, in 1811 it may have been prudent to say you were English rather than American when applying to an English official.This is all speculation on my part and I keep looking for some hard evidence of his country of origin. Oral tradition in our family is that we came from Huddersfield,near the town of Yeadon in Yorkshire. The problem I have encountered in seaching some records from that area is that it is apparent that too many John Yeadons appear to make a definite identification. Iknow that his wife was Elizabth MacIntosh so a marriage rcord would help .Hover , I have nothing concering Ireland but anything is possible in this search. Thanks for your query-Dale

The Plot Thickens-More Yeadon Possibilities

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Dear Dale!

Holiday Greetings on the eve of this Christmas season and the Millenium! (What, indeed, would our ancestors think?!!)

Please forgive the long time in repsonse to your kind message....I am new to the geneological research process and am just discovering the immense amount of time, effort, and dedication it takes to DISCOVER!!

Dale...I believe I've discovered an interesting link!! According to results based on the Ancestry World Tree, there was one "James Yeadon" - son born to George Greaves Yeadon and Jane (Umlah) Yeadon - who was born 12 July 1857 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (The James Yeadon in question could have been my Great Grandfather!)

According to the records, he (James) would have died on 28 March 1936 in Saggola, Dickinson County, Michigan (USA). THIS timeframe would fit in with my projected requirements
for dates associated with (what would be) my GREAT Grandfather!

My Grandfather's father (James (William) Yeadon) would have had to be born around the
1860's or so...since my Grandfather (Bernard Yeadon was born in 1892)). Furthermore, that event (Bernard's birth) would have occured either enroute to the USA or in Dickenson County, Michigan, USA!) According to the Ancestry World records, there was a James Yeadon who was born on 12 July 1857 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and died on 28 March 1936 in Saggola, Dickenson County, Michigan!

The information my mother (Bernadine (Yeadon) Flynn) gave me was that my Grandfather (her father, Bernard) hailed from the Iron Mountain region of Michigan (which would have also been the Dickinson County region of Michigan) before Bernard came to Massachusetts!

Ah! the fly in the ointment!...According to the Ancestry World records, James (William?) Yeadon had no Spouse or offspring! WHY NOT? I know a great fire occured in Michigan that destoyed a lot of vital tracing family history to "Iron Mountain" Michigan is somewhat difficult to say the least....and try as I might, I am sofar unsuccessful in tracing anything to do with James (William)Yeadon's wife (Helen/Ellen Boutilier)!

Yet...I am sure there is some kind of connection to pursue...and pursue it I shall!

If this research ultimately pans Great, Great, Great Grandfather is William Yeadon, and my Great, Great, Great Grandmother is Elizabeth Drysdale!!!

What do you think about all this?

One more thing before closing...even though I am American...I've always had an affinity for the French Language (which has come easily to me)! I wonder if this has something to do with my Yeadon/Boutilier Heritage? SO FASCINATING!!

Please have a Merry Christmas
"S'il vous plait, avez un joyeux noel",

and (et)

Have a good New Year's Day!
(Avez un bon Jour de l'an!)

(Sorry, I don't know how to say "Have a GREAT MILLENIUM in French...)


Many warm near, yet so far....

Kind Regards,


James Yeadon to USA?

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Dear Ramona: Thanks for the bilingual greetings. I think your affinity to French must come from any Boutilier genes you may have rather than Yeadon.By the look of the Yeadon Message Board it must seem like I am purporting to be an expert on the Yeadon family,at least in Nova Scotia . I do have a pretty clear idea of the line from myself back to John in 1783 which is based mainly of reading cemetery markings, registered land deeds and wills plus a few hours research at the N.S.Provincial Archives.Apart from this my knowledge is from a disorganized set of notes haphazardly acquired so I do a lot of just guessing ;which is something you should realize and keep to your own guesses unless we can properly document something.this having been said ,your references to James Yeadon married to Mary Ellen Boutilier is found among my haphazard notes. The open Question seems to be whether he went to the USA .Some immigration record would be helpful. By way of interest, the surnames Drysdale,Umlah(Hemlow),Yeadon and Boutilier were common pioneer names for the area to the immediate south and west of Halifax. If you prefer my e-mail address is Bye for now- Dale.
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Hello Dale!

Thank you for your kind reply. I hope you had a grand holidy season!

Yes, I totally agree, the next step is to ascertain the immigration status (if any) of James Yeadon and Mary Ellen (Boutilier) Yeadon.

Next on my priority list is to visit the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (which fortunately is close to my home) to research the immigration issue. Hopefully I will find additional and important information there.

Additionally, when I visited my mother over the holidays, I managed to acquire the one and only existing picture of James Yeadon with his wife (Mary) (Ellen) Boutilier standing in front of their home in Michigan. I plan to have copies made. Would you like me to send you one, and if so, perhaps you might tell me how I might send it to you.....if you're interested....and perhaps you may be able to recognize them from photographs you might have and we could establish yet another link. If you want, I will send you a copy...or perhaps if you prefer, I'll wait until we establish a more concrete relationship. Whatever you wish, I'll abide by.

The immigration question is an interesting one. I know that James Yeadon and (Mary) (Ellen) Yeadon must have emmigrated from Nova Scotia sometime around 1890-1892. (Bernard, their son, was born in 1892 either
enroute from Halifax, or just as they entered the USA.) So I shall initially embark upon my immigration search using the period of 1890-1892 when I visit the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If I'm REALLY fortunate, I'll discover some valuable information...if not, well I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I'm trying to figure out how James and Mary/Ellen might have emmigrated to America from Nova Scotia. There are a number of possibilities. I would tend to favor some kind of route that perhaps brought them from Nova Scotia, through the Hudson River area and perphaps New York and then onwards to Michigan...rather than for example navigating down the Atlantic, through Boston, etc. The problem is, I don't know for sure what typical travel routes passengers relocating from Nova Scotia to Michigan would have followed in the late 1900s. Do you have any ideas or opinions on this subject?

I appreciate your notation concerning (among others) the Yeadons and Boutiliers being pioneers and tending to settle to the south southwest of Halifax. I was wondering if you might be able to clarify for me which county/towns these areas might encompass? Not knowing much about the Nova Scotian landscape, and landscape history, I've been somewhat thwarted in my efforts to pinpoint geneological location specifics as I search the Nova Scotia GenWeb site for Yeadon and Boutilier roots.

Well, Dale, the research goes on. As soon as I am able to acquire more information, I'll send it along to you. (Hopefully this should occur sometime over the next week or so!)

Wouldn't it be amazing if we were to discover that we share a geneological heritage?

Thank you kindly for your correspondence...and looking forward to more!

Kind Regards,


Yeadon Family

Geraldine Lurvey (View posts)
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I am a decendant of (my Grandmother)Leilah Bashford and Amos Yeadon. My mother was Martha Isabel. They came here in 1923 from Spryfield, Nova Scotia, settling in Brookline, MA. Any further information that you could exchange with me would be greatly appreciated. My cousin, Shirley (Yeadon) Goulden from Spryfield is a member of the "Heritage Historical Society." She has quite a bit of interesting facts from our family tree. I will try to forward information to you.
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