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Name: Alfred Clarke Scott

Birth: April 1848 MT Harbro, Leicester, Leicestershire, England

Death: Sep 1923 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England

Father: George Scott

Mother: Elizabeth Sharpe

Name: Alfred Scott

Birth: 10 Sep 1814 New Albany City, Floyd, Indiana, USA

Death: 14 April 1881 Indiana, USA

Father: John Scott

Mother: Priscilla Lewis

Name: Alfred Scott

Birth: 19 Oct 1868 Chelsham, Surrey, England

Death: 19th April 1900 Warlingham, Surrey

Father: Luke Scott

Mother: Eliza Whitehorn

Name: Alfred Meakin Scott

Birth: 20 October 1895 Alabama

Death: 21 Feb 1975 Austin, Travis County, Texas, USA

Father: John Thomas Scott

Mother: Maud Edgar Blount

Name: Alfred Andrew Scott

Birth: 11 Feb 1877 Queensland, Australia

Death: 5 Dec 1934 Longreach, Queensland, Australia

Father: Jens Petersen SCOTT

Mother: Metha ANDERSEN

Name: Alfred Gordon SCOTT

Birth: 28 Oct 1900 Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, Canada

Death: 2 Oct 1965 Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, Canada

Father: Robert John Scott

Mother: Caroline Elva (Carrie) McDaniel

Name: Alfred Thomas Scott

Birth: 10 JUL 1849 Onancock, Accomack Co. VA, USA

Death: 20 JUL 1909 Onancock, Accomack Co. VA, USA

Father: Walter Scott

Mother: Malinda Scott

Name: Alfred Thomas Scott

Birth: 2 Sep 1880 Folkestone, Kent, England

Death: 30 january 1951 32 st johns street, folkestone, kent

Father: Alfred Scott

Mother: Hannah Elizabeth Spratt

Name: Alfred Lewis Scott

Birth: 12 Feb 1838 Belair, Westmoreland, Virginia, United States

Death: 28 Jun 1915 Bandera, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, age 77

Father: James McClure Scott

Mother: Sarah Travers Lewis

Name: Alfred Scott

Birth: Mar 1854 Cliff Hill, Markfield, Leicester, England

Death: 9 Oct 1929 Auckland, New Zealand

Father: Samuel Scott

Mother: Sophia Jordan

Name: Alfred Scott

Birth: 14 SEP 1895 Christchurch, New Zealand

Death: 26 JUN 1960 Christchurch, New Zealand

Father: Alfred Vickers (Victor) Scott

Mother: Grace Woolcock

Name: Alfred Thomas Scott

Birth: 7 Apr 1851 Boone, Indiana, United States

Death: 23 May 1931 Boone, Indiana, USA

Father: Edward Scott

Mother: Evaline James

Name: Alfred Milton Scott

Birth: 18 Nov 1884 Richland, Shawnee, Kansas USA

Death: 31 Oct 1956 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: Edward William Scott

Mother: Lucinda Adeline Bowen

Name: Alfred Vickers (Victor) Scott

Birth: 1 SEP 1869 Christchurch New Zealand

Death: 24 MAY 1932 Christchurch New Zealand

Father: George Cott

Mother: Elizabeth Vickers

Name: Alfred Scott

Birth: 8/11/1898 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Death: 5//3//1958 Heidleberg Victoria Australia

Father: William Penford Scott

Mother: Mabel Chivers Boundy

Name: Alfred Lloyd SCOTT

Birth: 15 Mar 1927 Greenville, Butler County, Alabama, USA

Death: 3 Dec 2017

Father: John Wilton Scott

Mother: Phenie Elizabeth Little


Birth: 31Jan1834 St Pancras, London

Death: 28 Dec 1914 of 1 Spencer Road, Walthamstow



Name: Alfred Leslie Scott

Birth: 5 Apr 1910 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Death: 20 July 1990 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Father: Alfred Donald Scott

Mother: Elizabeth Harriet Sell

Name: Alfred Scott

Birth: 1899 Magherafelt, Drumenagh, Northern Ireland

Death: Not Available Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Father: William Henry Scott

Mother: Sarah Anne Scott

Name: Alfred Rufus Scott

Birth: 22 June 1845 Macon County, Illinois, USA

Death: 08 NOV 1935 Bethany, Moultrie, Illinois, USA

Father: Rev. Joseph Scott

Mother: Ethalinda C. Ashmore


Birth: 6 Feb 1861 Shoreditch (Hoxton) London

Death: Apr/May/Jun 1935 Leicester



Name: Alfred W Scott

Birth: 15 Oct 1848 Horsted Keynes, Sussex, England

Death: 29 Apr 1927 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: William Edward Scott

Mother: Mary Ann Pratten

Name: Alfred William Scott

Birth: 22 Mar 1884 New Zealand

Death: 19 Jul 1965 New Zealand

Father: William Scott

Mother: Jane Douglas

Name: Alfred Scott

Birth: October 1850 Chelmondiston, Suffolk, England

Death: 1929 Ireland

Father: George Scott

Mother: Mary Ann COOPER

Name: Alfred Basil Scott

Birth: 25 Jun 1912 Moonlight Flat, Victoria, Australia

Death: 1 Aug 1999 Croydon, Victoria, Australia

Father: Alfred Scott

Mother: Jessie Sin Moon

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