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Name: Alice Jane Haney

Birth: 8 Jan 1886 Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas

Death: 6 Oct 1962 McRoy, Woodruff, Arkansas, USA

Father: jerry haney

Mother: Mary M. Stufflebeam

Name: Alice Jeannette Haney

Birth: 21 APR 1859 Pennsylvania

Death: 25 Mar 1936 Bedford, Bedford, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: William Thomas HANEY

Mother: Margarete KNOUFF

Name: Alice Theresa Haney

Birth: 12 MAR 1891 Eureka, Humbolt Co., Cal

Death: 27 January 1966 San Francisco, CA

Father: George Martin Haney

Mother: Rilla Alice McDonough

Name: Alice Lynn HANEY

Birth: 07 Jun 1916 Gainesville, Cooke, Texas, USA

Death: 22 Jul 1996 Gainesville, Cooke, Texas, USA

Father: Ira Curtis HANEY

Mother: Julia Etta BRUCE

Name: Alice Lucille Haney

Birth: 12/22/1914 Sherwood, Tennessee, USA

Death: Feburary 14 1972 Winchester, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Father: Alex Robert Haney

Mother: Julia Cates

Name: Alice A. HANEY

Birth: 20 Jun 1854 Georgetown, Scott, KY, USA

Death: 13 Jul 1926 Huron, Atchison, Kansas, USA

Father: Patrick J. HANEY

Mother: Mary "Mollie" Kearney

Name: Alice E. Haney

Birth: 22 Oct 1858 Van Buren, Jackson, Iowa, United States

Death: 1936 Iowa, USA

Father: James A. Haney

Mother: Rachel Horton

Name: Alice H Haney

Birth: August 1890 Urbana, Champaign, Illinois, United States

Death: 10 Mar 1927 Yakima, Yakima, Washington

Father: James Haney

Mother: Malinda Ann Brown

Name: Alice Mae Haney

Birth: 3 May 1917 Orange CO OR, Virginia

Death: 23 Nov 1993 Orange, Orange, Virginia, United States of America

Father: John Christopher Roudabush

Mother: Willie Florence Breeden

Name: Alice Etta Haney

Birth: 1886 Alabama

Death: 11 Sep 1928 Blytheville, Mississippi, Arkansas, United States

Father: Green Columbus Haney

Mother: Emily Bythina Westbrook

Name: Alice Hester (Vaughn) Haney

Birth: 1 Sep 1895 McMinn, Tennessee

Death: 13 Mar 1988 Charleston, Bradley, Tennessee, USA

Father: Alfred Vaughn

Mother: Amanda "Mauda" Witt

Name: Alice Hermoine Haney

Birth: 7 Aug 1912 Arkansas, USA

Death: 27 Nov 1987 Rialto, San Bernardino, California, USA

Father: Olan Love Haney

Mother: Bennie Edith Clarke

Name: Alice Haney

Birth: abt 1873 Texas

Death: 27 Apr 1927 Texas City, Concho, Texas, USA

Father: William Laws

Mother: Mary Ann Chandoin

Name: Alice Frances "Fannie" HANEY

Birth: 11 JAN 1885 Morgan County, Kentucky

Death: 13 NOV 1923 Morgan County, Kentucky

Father: James Franklin Haney

Mother: Gillian Gevedan

Name: Alice May Haney

Birth: Sep 17, 1917 Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska, USA

Death: Jul 06, 2005 Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska, USA

Father: George Emerson Haney

Mother: Elizabeth Eicke

Name: Alice Haney

Birth: 21 AUG 1872 Dade Co., Georgia

Death: 08 SEP 1942 Walker Co., Georgia

Father: Jurd H haney

Mother: Mary Ann Lively

Name: Alice Bertha Haney

Birth: 17 September 1907 Bartow County, Georgia, USA

Death: 22 December 1995 Calhoun, Gordon County, Georgia, USA

Father: William Charles "Charlie" Haney

Mother: Augusta "Gusta" O. Phillips

Name: Alice May Haney

Birth: 8 MAY 1865 Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: 1 NOV 1950 Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Isaac Haney

Mother: Sarah Ann Jordan

Name: Alice Lillian Haney

Birth: 16 May 1871 Alabama

Death: 08/11/1955 Limestone County, Alabama, USA

Father: Anderson Haney

Mother: Julia Ann Greeson

Name: Alice Louiza Haney

Birth: 7 Aug 1912 Jackson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 3 Oct 1970 Jackson,, Tennessee, United States

Father: James Willis Haney

Mother: Parazeti Lazola Alexander

Name: Alice Lorainne Haney

Birth: 23 July 1918 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA

Death: 2 MAY 2011 Kent, King, Washington, United States

Father: Homer Lowell Haney

Mother: Alice Sophie Johnson

Name: Alice Augustus Haney

Birth: 18 Aug 1881 Lauderdale, Alabama, USA

Death: 8 January 1942 Colbert, Buried in Dement Cemetery, Limestone County, Alabama

Father: William Oliver "Billy" Haney

Mother: Anne MOORE

Name: Alice Haney

Birth: 8 Oct 1879 Kentucky

Death: 17 FEB 1956 Kentucky

Father: Raleigh "Rolly" Fannin

Mother: Almarinda Alice Smoot Hunter

Name: Alice Mary Haney

Birth: April 21 1884 Quinter Ks

Death: Sept 10 1940 Quinter Ks

Father: Alexander Haney

Mother: Anne Elizabeth Horner

Name: Alice Irene Haney

Birth: 18 Apr 1906 Cheltenham, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Sep 1998 Homestead, Miami-Dade, Florida, USA

Father: George Oscar Haney

Mother: Clara Haney

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