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NAME: Andrew Lars Anderson

BIRTH: June 30, 1885 Sweden

DEATH: 21 Sep 1924 USA

FATHER: Lass Anders Ersson

MOTHER: Hol Anna Matsdotter

NAME: Andrew Anderson

BIRTH: 30 May 1760 Vermont, USA

DEATH: 03 Aug 1816 Huron County, Ohio, USA

FATHER: David Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Wilson

NAME: Andrew Franklin Anderson

BIRTH: March 1834 Franklin County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 31 Dec 1862 Civil War, Battle at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

FATHER: Larkin Anderson

MOTHER: Elleanor Emmerson

NAME: Andrew Anderson

BIRTH: 1 Jan 1804 Lebanon, Meigs, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 20 Apr 1874 Jackson, West Virginia, United States

FATHER: Andrew W Anderson

MOTHER: Chloe White

NAME: Andrew Arne Anderson

BIRTH: 22 Jan 1836 degaarden, Onsøy, Østfold, Norway

DEATH: 15 Nov 1915 Hyrum, Cache, Utah, USA

FATHER: Mons Arnesen

MOTHER: Inger Marie Olsen

NAME: Andrew Jackson 'Jack' Anderson

BIRTH: 7 May 1855 Greenup, Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 11 Sep 1923 Greenup, Kentucky, United States

FATHER: William Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Ann Jones

NAME: Andrew C. Anderson

BIRTH: 13APR1868 Schlesvig, Holstein, Denmark

DEATH: 27MAY1954 Springfield, Minnesota, USA

FATHER: Andrew Anderson

MOTHER: Marie Neilsen

NAME: Andrew Anderson

BIRTH: 5 Oct 1877 Old Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire, Scotland

DEATH: 7 MAR 1942 10 Smith Street, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: Alexander Anderson

MOTHER: Elizabeth Young

NAME: Andrew Jackson Anderson

BIRTH: November 27, 1852 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA

DEATH: October 9, 1949 Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas, USA

FATHER: Capt. John Anderson

MOTHER: Hannah Bowen

NAME: Andrew Jensen Anderson

BIRTH: 2 Jul 1865 Stepping, Sonderjylland, Denmark

DEATH: 2 May 1942 Gwinner, Sargent, North Dakota, USA

FATHER: Johann Ericson Anderson

MOTHER: Anna Christine K Jenson

NAME: Andrew Jackson Anderson

BIRTH: 18 Aug 1874 Vinton, Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA

DEATH: 23 Feb 1947 Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas, USA

FATHER: Allen J Anderson

MOTHER: Alice Cordilia Goodman Anderson

NAME: Andrew Hansen Anderson

BIRTH: 6 Nov 1881 Grundy, Illinois

DEATH: 8 Jan 1975 Dwight, Livingston, Illinois

FATHER: Hans Anderson

MOTHER: Mettie Katrine Ostergaard

NAME: Andrew McGowen Anderson

BIRTH: 18 Nov 1871 Harmarville, Harmar, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 20 Jan 1960 Elizabeth, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Robert Lester Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Ann Culmer

NAME: Andrew Gustave Anderson

BIRTH: 2 Aug 1862 Sweden

DEATH: April 15, 1936 Hutchison Homestead - Bearspaw, Calgary, Alberta Canada

FATHER: Jan Gustaf Andersson

MOTHER: Gustafva Sharlotta Adamssdotter

NAME: Andrew Alma Anderson

BIRTH: 22 Oct 1877 Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah, United States

DEATH: 26 Apr 1946 Vernal, Uintah, Utah, United States

FATHER: Mourits Peter Andersen

MOTHER: Mariane Christine Nielsen

NAME: Andrew Elliot Anderson

BIRTH: 09 Feb 1848 St. Malachy, Beauharnois County, Canada East (Quebec), Canada

DEATH: 25 Feb 1901 St Vincent, Kittson County, Minnesota, USA

FATHER: John Anderson

MOTHER: Barbara Elliot Anderson

NAME: Andrew Anderson

BIRTH: 23 APR 1871 Spring City, Sanpete, Utah, United States

DEATH: 17 AUG 1947 Sigurd, Sevier, Utah, United States

FATHER: Jens Christian Andersen

MOTHER: Caroline Karen Jensen


BIRTH: 13 Dec 1866 Tversted, Hjorring, Denmark

DEATH: 15 Apr 1944 Rigby, Jefferson County, Idaho

FATHER: Jens Anderson

MOTHER: Mariane Nielson

NAME: Andrew Jackson Anderson

BIRTH: 26 Mar 1836 Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi, United States

DEATH: 03 Jul 1921 Newton County, Mississippi

FATHER: James Young Anderson

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Pace

NAME: Andrew Anderson

BIRTH: 30/09/1784 Selkirk Burgh, Selkirkshire, Scotland

DEATH: 19 June 1860 Newington, Midlothian, Scotland

FATHER: Thomas Anderson

MOTHER: Betty Waugh

NAME: Andrew William Anderson

BIRTH: 1893/03/06 Fairview,Sanpete,Utah

DEATH: 2 Aug 1976 Los Altos, San Mateo, CA

FATHER: Peter (AKA Anderson) Andersen

MOTHER: Lena (AKA Linah, Leah, Lela, Larson, Pedersen, Erickson, Malmberg, Anderson, Andersen) Peterson

NAME: Andrew W Anderson

BIRTH: 8 Oct 1885 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

DEATH: 2 Jun 1974 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

FATHER: James Anderson

MOTHER: Faustina Carrion

NAME: Andrew Jackson Anderson

BIRTH: 1848 Rappahannock County, Virginia

DEATH: 6 Aug 1927 Laurel, Prince George's County, Maryland

FATHER: Lewis Eleich Anderson

MOTHER: Sarah Agnes Poe

NAME: Andrew Anderson

BIRTH: 4 Feb 1865 Fossoway and Tulliebole, Kinross, Scotland

DEATH: 30 Jan 1930 Post Office, Carnbo, Fossoway and Tulliebole, Kinross

FATHER: John Anderson

MOTHER: Margaret Young

NAME: Andrew D. "Anders" Anderson

BIRTH: 15 Oct 1852 Sweden

DEATH: 26 Aug 1911 Mille Lacs, Minnesota

FATHER: Sven Anderson

MOTHER: Pernilla (Nilla) Jeppesdotter