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Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 1824 Bardwell, Suffolk, England

Death: 21 Jul 1893 Pakenham, Suffolk, England

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Rachel Middleditch

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 1755 Hinton Blewett, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Death: 1810 Hinton Blewett, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Mary Brown

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 28 Jul 1785 Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Maine, USA

Death: 28 July 1852 Duck Pond,,Maine,USA

Father: William PLUMER

Mother: Abigail J Plummer

Name: Ann Dutcher Plummer

Birth: 9 Sep 1814 Sheffield, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: 08 Aug 1876 Upper Queensbury, York County, New Brunswick, Canada

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Sarah Stewart

Name: Ann Marie Plummer

Birth: 20 Nov 1946 Point Pleasant, N.J, USA

Death: 01/26/2011 Mission Viejo, Orange, California

Father: Harry L. Irons

Mother: Phyllis I Estelle

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 15 Jul 1821 Oxfordshire, England

Death: 1875 Oxford District

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Plummer

Name: Ann Jane Plummer

Birth: 6 October 1841 Wexford, Ireland

Death: 18 Sep 1910 Renfrew Cty, Ontario, Canada

Father: Richard Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Jackson


Birth: 27 July 1839 Gosforth, Cumberland, England

Death: 27 Nov 1883 Drigg, Gosforth, Cumberland, England

Father: Moses PLUMMER

Mother: Hannah Herbert

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 6 Nov 1827 Grayson, Virginia, USA

Death: 11 Dec 1915 Wise, Virginia, USA

Father: William B Plummer

Mother: Rebecca Jones

Name: Ann Brandon Plummer

Birth: 12 Nov 1881 Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, USA

Death: 14 Nov 1950 Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Carvossa Bruce Plummer

Mother: Maria Ann Talley


Birth: Bef. 26 Feb 1832 Stillingfleet, Yorkshire, England

Death: 13 Jun 1911 York, Yorkshire, England

Father: Thomas PLUMMER

Mother: Mary Allison

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 16 Aug. 1615 Reeth, Grinton, Yorkshire, England

Death: 24 Dec 1668 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Matthew Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Metcalf

Name: Ann Matilda Plummer

Birth: 26 May 1860 Clifford Ontario Canada

Death: 26 August 1911 Hanover, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Letitia Plummer

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 10 Jul 1776 Powanal, Maine, USA

Death: 19 Apr 1857 Pownal, Cumberland, Maine, USA

Father: Jarramiah Plummer

Mother: Sarah Eldridge

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 21 Jan 1761 Cornwall, England

Death: 1835 Veryan, Cornwall, England

Father: William PLUMMER

Mother: Philippa ROBERTS

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 1615 Lancashire, England

Death: 24 Dec 1684 Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Benjamin Rawley Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Metcalf

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: abt 1839 Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire, England

Death: 03/ 1/918? Poole, Dorset, England

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Foot

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 1813 Pattishall, Northamptonshire, England

Death: 1887 Greens Norton, Northamptonshire, England

Father: Thomas Plummer

Mother: Sarah Ayers

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 1792 Little Marlow,Buckinghamshire,England

Death: 22 SEP 1882 Mendy Street,Wycombe,Buckinghamshire,England

Father: Joseph Plummer

Mother: Hannah Farr

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: Mar 1822 Coleford, Somerset, England

Death: Oct 1899 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

Father: Joseph Plummer

Mother: Frances (Fanny) Clarke

Name: Ann H. Plummer

Birth: 19 Dec 1905 Arkansas

Death: 30 Jun 1988 Saint Charles, Saint Charles, Missouri, USA

Father: Henry Lewis Hall

Mother: Mary Agnes Burns

Name: Ann Howden Plummer

Birth: 25 Mar 1815 Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: 1888 Dunbarney, Perthshire, Scotland

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Sarah KING


Birth: 7 May 1845 England

Death: 10 Mar 1915 Wilkinsburg, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Isaiah PLUMMER

Mother: Johannah COLES

Name: Ann Plummer

Birth: 24 Oct 1833 Clandown, Midsomer Norton, Somerset

Death: 1914 Midsomer Norton, Somerset

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Susan Treasure

Name: Ann Editha Plummer

Birth: 16 Oct 1933 Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 14 Aug 2016 Charles Town, Jefferson, West Virginia, USA

Father: Edwin Francis Plummer

Mother: Catherine Loretta Lyng

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