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Name: Henry Frank Bechtold

Birth: 12 Jul, 1863 Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: 11 Jan, 1929 Glen Ullin, Morton, North Dakota, USA

Father: Constantin Bechtold

Mother: Maria Anna Gaertner

Name: Henry J Bechtold

Birth: abt 1876 Pennsylvania

Death: Not Available

Father: Adam Bechtold

Mother: Barbara Unk

Name: Henry William Bechtold

Birth: 17/Dec/1878 Utica, Winona, Minnesota, USA

Death: 18 Jan 1962 Faribault, Rice, Minnesota, United States

Father: Cornelius Becthold

Mother: Mary Bechtold Stellter

Name: Henry Bechtold

Birth: 04 MAR 1829 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Death: 28 FEB 1907 4271 Garfield Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri

Father: Gottlieb Bechtold

Mother: Maria Anna Harm

Name: Henry Emanuel Bechtold

Birth: 19 Nov 1885 Marthasville, Warren, Missouri, USA

Death: 18 Jun 1958 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA

Father: Conrad William Theodore Bechtold

Mother: Theresa Ernestine Louise (Therese) Palis

Name: Henry Conrad Bechtold

Birth: 28 July 1863 Fort Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, Kansas, USA

Death: 24 September 1934 Atchison, Atchison County, Kansas, USA

Father: John George Bechtold

Mother: Cathrine Elizabeth Schriner

Name: Henry Bechtold

Birth: 23 Apr 1820 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 16 Dec 1891 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Samuel Bechtold

Mother: Mary Haarstich

Name: Henry Sigman Bechtold

Birth: 1F/eb/1896 Pennsylvania

Death: 12 January 1987 Willow Street, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Joseph Bechtold

Mother: Sarah Emma Sigman

Name: Henry Martin Bechtold

Birth: 9 Nov 1891 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: August 1975 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Martin BECHTOLD

Mother: Katerina (Catherine) Holzer

Name: Henry Bechtold

Birth: 12 April 1839 Schotten, Vogelsbergkreis, Hesse, Germany

Death: 8 September 1919 Greenwood, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Konrad Bechtold

Mother: Agnesa Margaretha Hofmann

Name: Henry Paul Bechtold

Birth: 20 Feb 1922 United States

Death: 22 Sep 2007 Oviedo, Seminole, Florida

Father: Henry Bechtold

Mother: Margaret Sutton

Name: Henry Eugene Bechtold

Birth: 06 Jan 1904 New York, USA

Death: Apr 1978 Blythe, Riverside, California, USA

Father: Henry Bechtold

Mother: Louisa M Richter

Name: Henry John Bechtold

Birth: 30 December 1873 Finsbury, London, [Middlesex

Death: Sep 1959 Sussex

Father: Martin/Mathius Bechtold

Mother: Anaise Emma Bouette

Name: Henry Lindel Bechtold

Birth: Dec 1891 Henryville, Clark, Indiana, United States

Death: 13 Jan 1978 Denver, Adams, Colorado, United States

Father: John Bechtold

Mother: Katherine Pfister

Name: Henry William Bechtold

Birth: 11 Jun 1907 Los Angeles Co, CA

Death: 21 Dec 1972 South El Monte, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Father: Albert George Bechtold

Mother: Luella Anna Carmichael

Name: Henry Bernard Bechtold

Birth: 4 Dec 1891 Lockhaven, IL, USA

Death: 3 Apr 1974 Alton, Madison, IL, USA

Father: Mathias Bechtold

Mother: Anna Gertrud Hauling

Name: Henry Walter Bechtold

Birth: 13 Jul 1897 Boonville, Cooper, MO

Death: 22 Apr 1979 Boonville, Cooper, Missouri, USA

Father: Frank Bechtold

Mother: Maria Hoffman Bechtold

Name: Henry F Bechtold

Birth: Sep 1868 Maryland

Death: Not Available

Father: John Jacob Bechtold

Mother: Catherine Lentz

Name: Henry Bechtold

Birth: 12 Jul 1899 Kings, New York, USA

Death: 22 Jun 1974 USA

Father: Henry Bechtold

Mother: Johanna Heisler

Name: Henry Bechtold

Birth: September 1878 Brooklyn, Kings County New York

Death: 25 February 1908 New York City (Brooklyn Borough), Kings County New York

Father: William Bechtold

Mother: Emily Bechtold

Name: Henry Bechtold

Birth: 16 April 1863 Freedom, St Clair, Illinois

Death: 16 Feb 1935 Belleville, St Clair, Illinois

Father: Philipp Bechtold

Mother: Catharina Nagel

Name: Henry Bechtold

Birth: 6 Apr 1857 Marietta, Washington, Ohio, USA

Death: 16 Mar 1932 Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio, USA

Father: Phillip Bechtold

Mother: Caroline Klein

Name: Henry Bechtold

Birth: 13 Jun 1885 New York, NY

Death: 13 Aug 1925 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

Father: Henry Bechtold

Mother: Catherine Dieter

Name: Henry Harold BECHTOLD

Birth: 8 June 1924 Elma, Grays Harbor County, Washington, USA

Death: 21 Sep 2007 Clallam, Washington, USA

Father: Johann BECHTOLD

Mother: Rosa Rosina Rennich

Name: Henry Louis "Hank" Bechtold

Birth: 20 Dez 1920 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 3 Apr 1983 Baldwin Township, Allegheny Co, PA

Father: Henry Martin Bechtold

Mother: Catherine M Linz

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