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Name: John Fletcher Estes

Birth: 16 MAY 1840 Gibson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 19 SEP 1902 Gibson, Tennessee, USA

Father: Richardson S Estes

Mother: Priscilla S. M. Fletcher

Name: John J Estes

Birth: 11 Dec 1808 Burke, North Carolina, United States

Death: 23 Jan 1890 Evansville, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Langston James Estes

Mother: Mariana Mary Polly Moore

Name: John Franklin Estes

Birth: 24 Jul 1862 Louisiana, United States

Death: 12 April 1937 Rapides, Louisiana, USA

Father: William Ross Estes

Mother: Harriet Louisa Phillips

Name: John Calder Estes

Birth: 30 Aug 1796 Halifax, Virginia, USA

Death: 27 Jul 1880 Marionville, Lawrence, Missouri, USA

Father: Samuel Estes

Mother: Sally Juneil

Name: John Glover Estes

Birth: 16 Jan 1801 Chester, South Carolina, USA

Death: 2 February 1856 Itawamba, Mississippi, United States

Father: William Ellis Estes, Jr

Mother: Sarah Tims

Name: John Wesley Estes

Birth: Jan 28, 1845 Adair, Kentucky, USA

Death: Nov 21, 1925 Hughesville, Pettis, Missouri, USA

Father: Littleton Fennimore Estes


Name: John Estes

Birth: 1732 King and Queen, Virginia, United States

Death: 04 Oct 1825 Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky, United States

Father: Moses Estes

Mother: Elizabeth "Betty" Webb

Name: John Franklin Estes

Birth: 20 Jan 1874 Louden, Tennessee

Death: 25 Mar 1945 Springer, Carter, Oklahoma, United States

Father: John Davis Wilson Estes

Mother: Viola Lizzinka Bowles

Name: John Byron Estes

Birth: Dec 08, 1924 Marietta, Prentiss, Mississippi, USA

Death: 5 Feb 2005 Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi, USA

Father: Grover Estes

Mother: Elizabeth Beatrice Estes

Name: John Newton Estes

Birth: 5 Sep 1854 Pickens County, Alabama

Death: 20 Mar 1948 Vienna, Johnson, Illinois

Father: John "Newton" Estes

Mother: Mary Ann Thomas

Name: John Burton Estes

Birth: 02 Jan 1879 Loudon, Tennessee, USA

Death: Dec. 1, 1934 Sweetwater, Monroe, Tennessee

Father: William Newton Estes

Mother: Susan Boyd

Name: John Levi Estes

Birth: 20 SEP 1900 Clyde, Callahan, Texas, United States

Death: 12 FEB 1986 Temple, Bell, Texas, United States

Father: Solomon Burns Estes

Mother: Allie Vandalia Hancock

Name: John Henry "Booty John" Estes

Birth: 17 Nov 1841 Morgan, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1 Oct 1916 Stone, Missouri, USA

Father: John Calder Estes

Mother: Margaret "Peggy" Trevilian Jones

Name: John Baylis Estes

Birth: 4 Jun 1835 Anderson, Pickens, South Carolina, United States

Death: Sep. 16, 1903 Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA

Father: Micajah Estes

Mother: Nancy Owen

Name: John Wesley Estes

Birth: 5 Mar 1846 Hornbeak, Obion, Tennessee, United States

Death: 08 Jul 1911 Portageville, Pemiscot, Missouri.United States

Father: Coleman C Estes

Mother: Mary Barlow

Name: John Henry Estes

Birth: 23 March 1876 Carroll County, Georgia, United States of America

Death: 23 Jul 1956 East Prairie, Mississippi, Missouri, USA

Father: Zipthania Estes

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Jane Gallman


Birth: 28 Apr 1804 Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 03 Mar 1881 Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas, USA


Mother: Margaret "Peggy" Barnhill

Name: John Elisha Estes

Birth: 10,Feb,1852 Jefferson County, Illinois, USA

Death: 17 Jan 1955 Eldorado Schleicher County Texas

Father: John Washington ESTES

Mother: Frances "Fanny" Abigail Estes

Name: John William Estes

Birth: 30 Sep 1879 Madison, Kentucky, USA

Death: 4 Feb 1959 Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

Father: William Moses Mose Estes

Mother: Nancy Ann "Nannie" Sloan

Name: John William Estes

Birth: 7 May 1849 Daviess County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 10 Feb 1925 Daviess County, Kentucky, USA

Father: William Littleton Estes

Mother: Elvira Colbert

Name: John Ulyess Estes

Birth: 9 Dec 1912 Fulton, Arkansas

Death: Mar 31, 1983 Glencoe, Fulton County, Arkanss

Father: John Kinchen Estes

Mother: Ada Melinda Heath

Name: John Harvey Estes

Birth: 12 02 1884 Tulip, Dallas, AR

Death: 24 July 1970 Hot Springs, Garland, Arkansas, USA

Father: John ESTES

Mother: Sarah A Sullenbarger

Name: John Asa Estes

Birth: 10 Oct 1861 Taskee Station, Wayne, Missouri, United States

Death: 9 January 1927 St. Louis City, Missouri, USA

Father: John Franklin Estes

Mother: Jane Harriet Shattuck

Name: John Jasper Estes

Birth: 24 February 1856 Wiseman, Izard County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 18 October 1931 Imboden, Lawrence County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Thomas Newton Estes

Mother: Lucy Rucker Johnson

Name: John Reagan Estes

Birth: 25 Mar 1871 Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee, USA

Death: 8 Jul 1960 Terral, Jefferson, Oklahoma, United States

Father: John Younger Estes

Mother: Martha Rutha Dodson

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