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NAME: Marjorie Eileen Butler

BIRTH: 16 Apr 1930 Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, England

DEATH: 31 May 2010 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

FATHER: Arthur Robert Butler

MOTHER: Ethel May Meadows


BIRTH: 16 Jul 1921 Barnstaple, Devon, England

DEATH: 18 Oct 1999 Zephyrhills, Pasco, Florida, USA



NAME: Marjorie Dix Butler

BIRTH: 15 Nov 1875 Robeson, North Carolina, United States

DEATH: 10 May 1938 Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC, USA

FATHER: Robert Quincey Butler

MOTHER: Elizabeth Mercer

NAME: Marjorie Victoria Butler

BIRTH: 20 Aug 1909 Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 2011 Arizona, USA

FATHER: Joseph Arthur Butler

MOTHER: Florence Bromhall

NAME: Marjorie Butler

BIRTH: 12 Aug 1915 Massachusetts

DEATH: april 28, 2007 houston, tx

FATHER: Harold Gear Butler

MOTHER: Lilliain Gertrude Peet

NAME: Marjorie Josephine Butler

BIRTH: 28 Sep 1903 Marion, Linn, Iowa, USA

DEATH: 09 Jan 1998 Waterford, Michigan, USA

FATHER: William Edward Butler

MOTHER: Bridget Carroll

NAME: Marjorie Evelyn "Marge" Butler

BIRTH: 13 Sep 1927 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

DEATH: 26 Sep 2003 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

FATHER: Charles Morton BUTLER

MOTHER: Ethel Bertha Gertrude WATSON

NAME: Marjorie Butler

BIRTH: 13 Sep 1906 Violet, Pawnee, Nebraska, USA

DEATH: 1989/07/12 Santa Paula,Ventura County,California,United States of America


MOTHER: Alice Isadore McCurry

NAME: Marjorie Eloise Butler

BIRTH: 07 jan.1907 Ashland, Boyd, Kentucky

DEATH: 11 aug.1994 Ashland, Boyd, Kentucky

FATHER: Robert Jessie Butler


NAME: Marjorie M Butler

BIRTH: 27 Jun 1900 Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, United States

DEATH: 13 Aug 1997 Boulder City, Clark, Nevada, United States

FATHER: Amos Belford Slater

MOTHER: Grace Amy Banbury

NAME: Marjorie Frances Endora Butler

BIRTH: 7 Apr 1913 Palouse, Whitman, Washington, USA

DEATH: 22 Jul 2003 Visalia, Tulare, California, USA

FATHER: Charles T Buttler

MOTHER: Helen Belle Carson

NAME: Marjorie Etta Butler

BIRTH: 2 September 1881 Benton, Arkansas

DEATH: 2 July 1937 Benton, Arkansas

FATHER: William Crawford Butler

MOTHER: Cherie Lenora Lewis

NAME: Marjorie Elizabeth Butler

BIRTH: 10 Nov 1922 Oakland, Alameda County, California, USA

DEATH: 29 November 2012 Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA

FATHER: Cyreanious Orson Butler

MOTHER: Ann Laura "Babe" Martin

NAME: Marjorie Butler

BIRTH: 8 Apr 1914 Stafford, Staffordshire, England

DEATH: Apr 1997 Stafford, Staffordshire, England

FATHER: Robert Butler

MOTHER: Ellen Horobin

NAME: Marjorie Butler

BIRTH: 19 Mar 1910 Catford, England

DEATH: Dec 1987 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

FATHER: Frederick John Thomas Butler

MOTHER: Ellen Matilda Florence Chubb

NAME: Marjorie Catharine Butler

BIRTH: 09 Mar 1891 Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: Sep 1982 Rochester, Monroe, New York, United States of America

FATHER: William Daniel Butler

MOTHER: Mary Alice Moyer

NAME: Marjorie Philips BUTLER

BIRTH: 4 jun 1897 13 West Grove Villas Walton-on-Thames

DEATH: 3 Feb 1976 Milton, Clutha, Otago, New Zealand

FATHER: George Butler

MOTHER: Emily Edwards

NAME: Marjorie Butler

BIRTH: 29 Feb 1916 Utah, USA

DEATH: 28 May 2017 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

FATHER: Rufus Edgar Butler

MOTHER: Eliza May Clayson

NAME: Marjorie (Margie) Butler

BIRTH: 8/14/1925 Collinwood, Wayne, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 8/29/1982 Fraser, Macomb, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Eddie Pafford "Pafford" BUTLER

MOTHER: Nettie Alma Fowler

NAME: Marjorie Alberta BUTLER

BIRTH: 07 Sep 1890 Round Grove, McLeod, Minnesota, USA

DEATH: 11 Nov 1957 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

FATHER: Frederick William BUTLER


NAME: Marjorie Grace Butler

BIRTH: 2/22/1897 Washington, DC

DEATH: 3/1976 Washington, D.C


MOTHER: Ellen Elizabeth Anderson

NAME: Marjorie Belle Butler

BIRTH: About 1926 Belfast, New York, USA

DEATH: About 1962 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

FATHER: Julius Erwin Butler

MOTHER: (Lucy) Minnie Belle (Latson) Westfall

NAME: Marjorie Louise BUTLER

BIRTH: 05 May 1914 Richmond, Independent Cities, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 09 Apr 1993 Prince George, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Frederick Linwood BUTLER

MOTHER: Rosa Mildred Kennedy

NAME: Marjorie Elizabeth Butler

BIRTH: 15July1917 Harrisburg, Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 28April2003 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

FATHER: Pierce Franklin Butler

MOTHER: Myrtle Elizabeth Lefler

NAME: Marjorie Bell [email protected]

BIRTH: 16 January 1917 Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 25 August 2000 Canton, Fulton County, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Howard Bruce [email protected]

MOTHER: Nellie Leona [email protected]