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NAME: Mary F. (Mollie) Plummer

BIRTH: 27 Feb 1864 Fleming County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 2 Nov 1897 Rowan, Kentucky, United States

FATHER: John Seth Plummer

MOTHER: Lousia S. Humphries Plummer

NAME: Mary Ellen Plummer

BIRTH: MAR 1839 Virginia

DEATH: 17 Jul 1918 Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: William Plummer

MOTHER: Anne H Currey

NAME: Mary Elizabeth Plummer

BIRTH: 16 Sep 1864 Blair County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 02 Jan 1913 West Taylor Twp., Cambria Co., Pennsylvania

FATHER: Isaac A Plummer

MOTHER: Barbara Emigh

NAME: Mary Ann Plummer

BIRTH: 24 September 1842 Limestone County, Texas, USA

DEATH: Bef. 03 Dec 1876 Limestone, Texas, USA

FATHER: Luther Thomas Martin Plummer

MOTHER: Sarah Elizabeth Plummer

NAME: Mary Katherine Plummer

BIRTH: 15 JAN 1886 Wisconsin, USA

DEATH: 19 JUL 1968 Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA

FATHER: Franklin E Plummer

MOTHER: Catharine Meehan

NAME: Mary Alice Plummer

BIRTH: Sep 17, 1921 Etna, Fillmore Co., MN

DEATH: 25 Dec 2017 Spring Valley, Fillmore County, Minnesota, United States of America


MOTHER: Blanche Maud Briggs

NAME: Mary Louise Plummer

BIRTH: 18 Feb 1924 Columbus, Bartholomew, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 17 Jan 2017 Columbus, Bartholomew, Indiana, USA

FATHER: James Edward Plummer

MOTHER: Florence Alice Hill

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: 17 Feb 1889 Oglesby, Illinois

DEATH: 23 Jun 1943 Harrisburg, Saline, IL

FATHER: Alexander Wilson

MOTHER: Charlotte Cathcart

NAME: Mary Ann Plummer

BIRTH: abt 1814 Luton, Bedfordshire, England

DEATH: October 1880 Luton, Bedfordshire,England

FATHER: John Plummer

MOTHER: Hannah Brewer

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: 28 July 1694 Newbury, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 28 June 1748 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: Benjamin Plummer

MOTHER: Ann Wood

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: Jan 1855 At Sea

DEATH: 11 Aug 1949 Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Robert Plummer

MOTHER: Dinah Gill

NAME: Mary Leonard Plummer

BIRTH: 1 November 1797 Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States of America

DEATH: 15 Jan 1860 Bangor, Penobscot, Maine

FATHER: Samuel Plummer

MOTHER: Dorcas Coffin

NAME: Mary Gertrude Plummer

BIRTH: 31 Mar 1881 Hargrave, Suffolk, England

DEATH: Jun 1960 Norwich, Norfolk, England

FATHER: Nathan Plummer

MOTHER: Isabella Sharpe

NAME: Mary Eva Plummer

BIRTH: 10 Mar 1867 Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 9 Feb 1908 MT Joy, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA



NAME: Mary Elizabeth Plummer

BIRTH: 14 APR 1865 Halifax,NC

DEATH: Sep 03, 1936 Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia, USA

FATHER: William Turner Plummer

MOTHER: Rebecca Purcell

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: 13 Sep 1685 Westminister, London, England

DEATH: Not Available CECIL CO. MD

FATHER: Walter Plummer

MOTHER: Elizabeth Yates


BIRTH: 1841 Maugerville, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada

DEATH: 2 Jan 1920 Patten, Penobscot, Maine, USA

FATHER: Archibald Clayton Plummer

MOTHER: Ann Stickney

NAME: Mary Alice Plummer

BIRTH: 1 May 1900 North Carolina

DEATH: 8 Jan 1940 Cumberland County, Virginia, USA

FATHER: John W Plummer

MOTHER: Elizabeth Jane "Eliza" Waddell


BIRTH: 17 Jan 1853 New Haven, Franklin, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 26 Jul 1920 Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma, United States

FATHER: Samuel Plummer

MOTHER: Jane Plumer

NAME: Mary Rosena Plummer

BIRTH: 04 Jun 1883 Dunrobin, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica

DEATH: 25 Apr 1949 Hopewell, Hanover, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica

FATHER: William Plummer

MOTHER: Betsy Ann Foster

NAME: Mary W. Plummer

BIRTH: Jan 29 1864 Gasconade County, Missouri, USA

DEATH: Nov 18 1925 Gasconade County, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Friedrich Wilhelm Plümer

MOTHER: Wilhelmine Franziska Leimkühler

NAME: Mary Helen Plummer

BIRTH: 30 Apr 1906 Washington, Mercer, Ohio

DEATH: 29 Mar 1973 Kokomo, Howard, Indiana

FATHER: John Benjamin Plummer

MOTHER: Hester Estella Yaney

NAME: Mary H (Mrs. Richard Kirk) Plummer

BIRTH: 11 Aug 1829 Smyth County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 15 January 1915 Morgan County, Kentucky

FATHER: James Plummer

MOTHER: Catherine Katherine Kate Comer

NAME: Mary Ann Plummer

BIRTH: 13 Feb 1831 Knox County, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 20 Jun 1904 Fort Collins, Larimer County, Colorado, USA

FATHER: Jesse Plummer

MOTHER: Elizabeth B Combs

NAME: Mary Alvena Plummer

BIRTH: 5 Dec 1916 Groesbeck, Limestone County, Texas, United States of America

DEATH: 4 Mar 1990 Kilgore, Gregg, Texas

FATHER: Charles Marton Plummer

MOTHER: Myrna Myrtle Freeman