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Name: WALTER Horatio Westbrook

Birth: 21 November 1827 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 03 January 1897 Launceston, Tasmania. Australia

Father: Dr JAMES Henry Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Chapple

Name: Walter Ernest Westbrook

Birth: 2 Oct 1879 Guisborough Cleveland

Death: 18 Dec 1950 Holderness, Yorkshire East Riding, England

Father: Henry William Heath Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth HOLLAND

Name: Walter L Westbrook

Birth: Mar 1872 Bastrop, Texas

Death: 02 Mar 1904 BASTROP CO. TX

Father: Joseph Warren Westbrook

Mother: Mary Elender Westbrook

Name: Walter Leonard Westbrook

Birth: 19 Jun 1909 Gordon Mine, Huerfano, Colorado, USA

Death: 29 July 1995 Price, Carbon, Utah, United States

Father: John Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Dorothy (Dollie) Proud

Name: Walter Rovelle Westbrook

Birth: 12 JUL 1865 Tioga, Tioga, Pennsylvania

Death: 7/21/1912 Laurel, Yellowstone Co, Montana, USA

Father: Jacob Harvey WESTBROOK

Mother: Mary Angeline " Angie" Dutton

Name: Walter Alfred Westbrook

Birth: 29 November 1880 Warren, Kentucky, USA

Death: 1 September 1932 Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky, USA

Father: John C Westbrook

Mother: Frances Ann 'Fanny' Allen

Name: Walter Westbrook

Birth: March 7,1898 Bertha, Todd County, Minnesota

Death: 12 MAR 1991 South Beach, Lincoln County, Oregon

Father: Almarian Westbrook

Mother: Lydia Syplinia Trask

Name: Walter Enos Westbrook

Birth: January 1880 Wield, Hampshire, England

Death: 9 February 1936 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Father: James Westbrook

Mother: Charlotte Knight

Name: Walter Read Westbrook

Birth: 11 Apr 1891 St Louis, MO

Death: 13 September 1956 St Louis, Missouri

Father: Benjamin Frank Westbrook

Mother: Anna Gertrude Bickel

Name: Walter Westbrook

Birth: 30 Nov 1918 Guisborough Cleveland

Death: 03 Feb 1980 East Cleveland, Yorkshire North Riding, England

Father: Gurney Lewis WESTBROOK

Mother: Laura PEACOCK

Name: Walter Westbrook

Birth: 13 Dec 1890 Corinth, Howard County, AR, USA

Death: 5 Aug 1980 Nashville, Howard, Arkansas

Father: John Allen Westbrook

Mother: Martha Jane Jones

Name: Walter Horace Westbrook

Birth: 23 MAR 1871 Georgia

Death: 10 Jan 1929 Early, Georgia

Father: James Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Ruth E THOMPSON

Name: Walter Westbrook

Birth: April 1853 Islington, London, England

Death: 7 Feb 1910 Greater London, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Father: Isaac Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Olley

Name: Walter Westbrook

Birth: 19 Aug 1889 North Carolina

Death: 02 Mar 1957 R3 Clinton, Sampson, North Carolina

Father: William Westbrook

Mother: Eliza Jane Thornton

Name: WALTER Herbert Westbrook

Birth: 22 JUN 1862 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 30 May 1942 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Father: JOSHUA Henry Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Norman

Name: Walter Dominica Westbrook

Birth: 29 Jan 1887 Rutherford Co., NC

Death: 7 Jun 1968 Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States

Father: Domenique Hall "D.H." "Mickie" Westbrook

Mother: Mary Rachel Blanton

Name: Walter B. Westbrook

Birth: 2 May 1870 Edgar, IL

Death: 3 Feb 1931 Paris, Edgar, Illinois

Father: John W Westbrook

Mother: Susan Catherine Crumm

Name: Walter Eugene Westbrook

Birth: 02/01/1938 Kirbyville J, Texas

Death: 22 November 1999 Jefferson, Texas

Father: Lee Westbrook

Mother: Leona Hawthrone

Name: Walter C Westbrook

Birth: 12 March 1877 Arkansas

Death: 23 Nov 1954 Texarkana, Bowie, Texas, USA

Father: William Jasper Westbrook

Mother: Adeline Marilza Davis

Name: walter james westbrook

Birth: 25 Mar 1900 Surrey County, England

Death: 1948 Sydney, Australia

Father: Walter Edgar westbrook

Mother: ethel georgina cooper

Name: Walter Ernest Westbrook

Birth: 2 Jan 1900 Clerkenwell, London, England

Death: Jun 1974 Elstree, Hertfordshire, England

Father: Alfred Henry Westbrook

Mother: Mary Ann Pearce

Name: Walter Haggi WESTBROOK

Birth: 13 Dec 1875 Vergennes, Kent, Michigan, USA

Death: 23 Jan 1956 Los Angeles

Father: Charles Haggai WESTBROOK

Mother: Mary Jane Hiler

Name: Walter Westbrook

Birth: 5 Nov 1881 Oatlands Pk, Surrey, England




Name: Walter Jackson Westbrook

Birth: 28 Sep 1866 Danville IC, VA

Death: 19 March 1926 Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Joseph Benjamin Westbrook

Mother: Rosanah Johnson

Name: Walter Westbrook

Birth: 13 Dec 1866 Orpington, Kent, England

Death: 4 Mar 1954 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England

Father: Anthony Westbrook

Mother: Esther Bristow

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