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Name: Hester Bartholomew

Birth: 23 Sep 1840 Ohio

Death: 12 Mar 1875 Fairfield, Clark, Ohio

Father: Joseph Bartholomew

Mother: Mary Myers

Name: Edward Bartholomew

Birth: 31 Dec 1901 West Superior, Wisconsin

Death: 11 Aug 1968 Pinellas County, Florida, USA

Father: Jacques L. Bartholomew

Mother: Myrtle Estella Bartholomew

Name: LeRoy Donald BARTHOLOMEW

Birth: 27 Nov 1917 ID

Death: 13 Aug 2003 Garden Valley, El Dorado County, California, United States of America

Father: Albert Leroy Bartholomew

Mother: Mary Ellen Tracy


Birth: 8 Jan 1835 Vienna, Trumbull, OH, USA

Death: 1919 Vienna, Trumbull Co., OH, USA


Mother: Lorinda Marie Tyrrill

Name: Cathy Bartholomew

Birth: 8 Nov 1940 Pomona, Los Angeles, California, USA

Death: 5 Dec 2011 Whitney, Hill County, Texas, USA

Father: William Martin Beck

Mother: Orie Delores Roe

Name: Doyle R Bartholomew

Birth: 28 Apr 1905 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 10 Jun 1978 Canton, Haywood, North Carolina, USA

Father: Adam Edward **BARTHOLOMEW**

Mother: Estella (Stella) **(VAN LUVANEE)**

Name: Alfred "John" Bartholomew

Birth: 03 Sep 1901 Hickory Run, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: 28 Jan 1963 Palmerton, Carbon, Pennsylvania, United States



Name: Charles Bartholomew

Birth: 1861 Lambeth

Death: 1903 Lambeth, Greater London, England

Father: Matthew Bartholomew

Mother: Sarah THATCHER

Name: Charles Forrest Bartholomew

Birth: 15 Jun 1915 Hardtner, Barber, Kansas, USA

Death: 28 Jul 2003 Pratt, Pratt, Kansas, USA

Father: Alfred Christopher Bartholomew

Mother: Allie (Alfreta) Kelley

Name: Elizabeth C Bartholomew

Birth: JAN 1843 New York, United States

Death: 22 Jun 1915 Breakabeen, Schoharie, NY

Father: Daniel Bartholomew

Mother: Lydia Stiles

Name: Raymond H Bartholomew

Birth: abt 1907 Pennsylvania

Death: Mar 1978 Penns?

Father: Charles Cleland Bartholomew

Mother: Lillian May Snyder

Name: William Abbott Bartholomew

Birth: 08 NOV 1851 Lodi, WI

Death: 22 MAR 1929 Wenatchu, WA

Father: William Milton Bartholomew

Mother: Frances Mary Goddard

Name: Raymond Bartholomew

Birth: 1912 Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 28 Aug 1980 York, York, Pennsylvania?

Father: Phillip Daniel Bartholomew

Mother: Alice Louisa Sherry

Name: Charles Bartholomew

Birth: 1845 Farnham, Surrey, England

Death: Feb 1890 Weybourne Lane, Hale, Farnham, Surrey, England

Father: Charles Bartholomew

Mother: Eliza Warner

Name: Wanda Ruth Bartholomew

Birth: 28 Jan 1937 Grove, Newton, Arkansas, USA

Death: 1 Sep 2002 Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA

Father: Kenneth Bartholomew

Mother: Marie Reeder

Name: Patricia Ann Bartholomew

Birth: 12 Oct 1938 Albany County, New York, USA

Death: 4 January 2008 Saint Vincent Hospital, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Frederick Eugene Bartholomew

Mother: Kathryn Irene Kehoe

Name: William Bartholomew

Birth: 14 Sept 1823 Muiravonside Stirlingshire

Death: 17 Oct 1898 Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Father: Alexander James Bartholomew

Mother: Margaret Dunn

Name: Emily (Emma) Bartholomew

Birth: 5 Apr 1831 Dryden, Tompkin, New York, USA

Death: 20 Apr 1896 San Bernadino, San Bernadino, California, USA

Father: Noah Willis BARTHOLOMEW

Mother: Miranda CATLIN

Name: Charles Omar Bartholomew

Birth: 4 JUL 1862 Bristol, England

Death: 13 Feb 1923 Glasgow, Scotland

Father: Charles Bartholomew

Mother: Emma Elizabeth Bindon

Name: George Bartholomew

Birth: 02 Feb 1824 Northampton County, PA

Death: 21 Jan 1900 Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Michael Marcus Bartholomew

Mother: Catharine **Grunzweig** (Greenzweig)BARTHOLOMEW

Name: Lucinda Bartholomew

Birth: 18 Apr 1862 Bazetta, Trumbull, Ohio, USA

Death: 29 MAR 1945 West Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio, USA

Father: Erastus W (CF) Bartholomew

Mother: Catherine Holder


Birth: 1 Jul 1855 Clinton, Lenawee, Michigan

Death: 01 Aug 1896 Clayton County, Iowa, USA

Father: William B. Bartholomew

Mother: Emily M Truman

Name: George F. Bartholomew

Birth: 27 Aug 1871 Shelby County, Iowa, USA

Death: 28 APR 1930 Nebraska

Father: Ezra Amos Bartholomew

Mother: Margaret J Mansfield

Name: Margaret Magdalena Bartholomew

Birth: 28 Mar 1831 Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania

Death: 18 May 1882 Lower Augusta, Northumberland, Pennsylvania

Father: Jacob Bartholomew

Mother: Catherine Bloom

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