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Results for "damm"

Name: Johannes Damm

Birth: 12 Dec 1830 Bernsburg, Hessen, Germany

Death: 10 Sep 1904 at home on Conc. 10, Normanby Twp.

Father: Franz Amor Damm

Mother: Catherina Elisabetha Schafer

Name: Mary A Damm

Birth: 1925 Logansport, Cass, Indiana, USA

Death: 2007 New Port Richey, Pasco, Florida, USA

Father: Samuel Truman Damm

Mother: Delores Board

Name: Milton M Damm

Birth: 23 OCT 1918 Winsor Township, Huron County, Michigan

Death: 31 JUL 2001 Bay Port, Michigan

Father: Otto August Damm

Mother: Clara Malinda Kreh

Name: Frederick Damm

Birth: 13 Apr 1853 German, Bartholomew, Indiana, United States

Death: 28 MAR 1925 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, United States

Father: George Damm

Mother: Hannah Snider

Name: Esther Louise Damm

Birth: 1895 Hoover, Adams Township, Cass County, Indiana, USA

Death: 1970 Battle Creek, Calhourn County, Michigan, USA

Father: John Martin Damm

Mother: Nancy Viola Ludders

Name: Margarietta Damm

Birth: 30 Jan 1865 Normanby, Grey, Ontario, Canada

Death: 28 May 1935 Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Father: Johannes D. Damm

Mother: Anna Juliana Dahmer

Name: William Damm

Birth: 3 Sep 1889 Leroy, Logan, Colorado, USA

Death: Aug 17 1978 Las Cruces, Dona Ana, New Mexico, USA

Father: Heinrich Damm

Mother: Mary Dreier

Name: Johannah B Damm

Birth: 3 Sep 1874 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan

Death: 30 Jul 1938 Pittsfield, Washtenaw, Michigan, USA

Father: Nicholas M Damm

Mother: Caroline Wobrock

Name: Joseph Francis Damm

Birth: 3 Nov 1891 Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

Death: 19 Nov 1958 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: Henry C Damm

Mother: Barbara Lang

Name: Ernest F Damm

Birth: 21 Oct 1899 Kansas

Death: Jun 1985 Lawrence, Douglas, Kansas, United States of America

Father: Wilhelm Damm

Mother: Ann Johanning

Name: Theodore H Damm

Birth: 10 Aug 1902 Seattle, King, WA

Death: 17 Jan 1984 Seattle, King, WA

Father: Hans Damm

Mother: Charlotte Sophia Miller

Name: Florence Olga Damm

Birth: 20 Dec 1919 Ridgewood, New York, USA

Death: 28 April 2012 Upstate NY Hospice

Father: Frank Ferdinand Damm

Mother: Anna Waechtler

Name: Rudulph A Damm

Birth: 3 Jan 1896 philadelphia pa

Death: 1936 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Andrew Rudolph Damm

Mother: Annie Powers

Name: Dorothy Mary Damm

Birth: 10 Jul 1913 Froid, Roosevelt, Montana, United States

Death: 22 Nov 2009 New Salem, Morton, North Dakota

Father: Jacob "Jake" Damm

Mother: Elizabeth Luft

Name: John (Jack) Damm

Birth: 10/24/1925 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Death: 11 Jan 2011 Blacklick, Franklin, Ohio

Father: Joseph Francis Damm

Mother: Anna Mangan

Name: Emily Margaret Damm

Birth: 9 Jun 1922 Greene County Il.

Death: 13 Apr 1991 Greenfield Il.

Father: Christian Daum

Mother: Eva May Giller

Name: Christine Brese Damm

Birth: 29 MAR 1914 Froid, Roosevelt, MT

Death: 7 AUG 1988 Sidney, Richland, Montana, United States

Father: John Adam Brese / Brase

Mother: Anna Katherina (Hellmuth) (Helmot) Brese

Name: Robert George Damm

Birth: 9 Aug 1922 Illinois

Death: 5 Jan 2000 Dekalb, Illinois, USA

Father: Walter J Damm

Mother: Eleanor Caroline Weyforth

Name: Henry Daniel Damm

Birth: Abt 1863 Wisconsin

Death: 1938 Wisconsin, USA

Father: Johann DAMM 2nd GGF

Mother: Caroline Kemper 2nd GGM

Name: Laura Damm

Birth: 1904 Iowa

Death: 22 Jan 1970 Carroll, Carroll, Iowa

Father: David Henry Damm

Mother: Anna Mary Meinen Damm

Name: Molly Damm

Birth: 12 February 1918 Culbertson, Roosevelt, Montana, United States

Death: 30 APR 2014 Quincy, Grant, Washington, United States

Father: John Peter Damm

Mother: Mary Burback

Name: Audrey Damm

Birth: 7 Feb 1930 Sauk Rapids, Benton, Minnesota, USA

Death: Feb 1986 Douglas County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Alfred Oliver Damm

Mother: Alida Belle Engebritson

Name: Myrtle Damm

Birth: 5 June 1907 Minden, Benton, Minnesota

Death: 16 APR 1988 Nisswa, Crow Wing, MN

Father: Charles Albert Damm

Mother: Martha Hatie Zwick

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