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Name: Lura Grace Dunn

Birth: 21 Jan 1904 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 19 Mar 1989 Puyallup

Father: James S. Motley

Mother: Mary Ellen Sheets Gorseline Cooper Motley

Name: Nelda Dunn

Birth: 23 Feb 1928 Coleman, Texas, USA

Death: Mar 23, 1996 Colbert, Bryan, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Charles Jay Hart

Mother: Viola Rellian Horseman

Name: John Dunn

Birth: 16 Jan 1914 Streator, La Salle, Illinois

Death: 18Jul1990 Streator, La Salle, Illinois, USA

Father: John P Dunne

Mother: Anna Minerva Coffey

Name: John Dunn

Birth: 26 AUG 1798 West putford

Death: 1870 Bideford, Devon, England

Father: William Dunn

Mother: Jane Piper

Name: Jodie Lee Dunn

Birth: May 05, 1896 Newmansville, Greene, Tennessee

Death: May 13, 1925 , Greene, Tennessee

Father: John Dunn

Mother: Sarah Jane Swatzel

Name: Enos J Dunn

Birth: 1848 Perranporth, Cornwall, England

Death: 13 FEB 1920 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado

Father: Seth Dunn

Mother: Mary Ann Jose

Name: Russell Wesley Dunn

Birth: 22 Apr 1892 Grenada County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 30 Apr 1962 Winchester, Desha County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Wesley Dunn

Mother: Luane R Jeffries

Name: Eliza Scott Dunn

Birth: abt 1820 Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk, England

Death: JAN 1894 Norwich, Norfolk

Father: E. John Bailey

Mother: Martha Bailey

Name: Jim O Dunn

Birth: 16 February 1865 Smith County, Texas, USA

Death: February 24, 1919 Winona, Smith, Texas, USA

Father: Charles DUNN

Mother: Sarah Borland

Name: Warren Clair Dunn

Birth: 4 Jul 1888 King William, Virginia, USA

Death: 8 Dec 1949 Hilton, Warwick, Virginia, USA

Father: Thomas Warren Dunn

Mother: Attiller Giddeon Trimmer

Name: John Matthias Dunn

Birth: 30 Dec 1852 , Clinton, Indiana, USA

Death: 4 Mar 1942 Clinton Co, , Indiana, USA

Father: Zephaniah W Dunn


Name: Nancy R Dunn

Birth: 18 Feb 1854 Raleigh, West Virginia, United States

Death: 17 May 1892 Raleigh, West Virginia, United States

Father: John Dunn

Mother: Mary Ann Hutchison

Name: Charley Lee Dunn

Birth: 7 Feb 1923 Colorado, Mitchell, Texas, USA

Death: Aug 17 2007 Midland, Midland, Texas, USA

Father: Charlie Lee Dunn

Mother: Sarah Jessie Blalock

Name: Effie E Dunn

Birth: 8 Feb 1863 Troy Twp., Crawford Co., PA

Death: 7 Jun 1941 Conewago, Warren, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John McCalmont Prather

Mother: Sarah Jane Strawbridge - Prather

Name: Elisha J Dunn

Birth: 28 Dec 1877 South Carolina, USA

Death: 27 Feb 1945 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama

Father: John Nathaniel Dunn

Mother: Sarah Rebecca Cook

Name: James Dunn

Birth: 18 Sep 1915 Greene County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 24 Nov 1997 Greene County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Marcus Franklin Dunn

Mother: Sarah Emma Duncan

Name: Charles Vincent Dunn

Birth: 2 Sep 1915 Kansas

Death: April 24, 2004 Atchison, Kansas

Father: Charles Orville Dunn

Mother: Gertrude Merle Salisbury

Name: John A Dunn

Birth: JUL 1873 Tennessee

Death: January 14 1948 Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas

Father: Leander Dunn

Mother: Martha Jane Denton

Name: Frederick W Dunn

Birth: 22 Dec 1900 Connecticut, USA

Death: 24 Oct 1999 Monroe, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: Albert Edward Dunn

Mother: Maude Irene Gibbins

Name: Thompson Crowell Dunn

Birth: Abt. 1825 Middlesex, New Jersey, USA

Death: 13 Jan 1892 Manhattan, New York, USA

Father: Josiah Freeman Dunn

Mother: Isabelle Manning Edgar

Name: George W Dunn

Birth: 17 Aug 1907 Rulo, Richardson, Nebraska, USA

Death: 06 Jan 1943 Falls City, Richardson, Nebraska, USA

Father: Robert Henry Dunn

Mother: Nora May Whetzel

Name: Mary Dorothy Dunn

Birth: 1854 Middlesex, England

Death: 2 January 1924 Vancouver, British Columbia

Father: Joseph W Dunn

Mother: Sarah Kilner

Name: Alfred Eugene DUNN

Birth: 15 May 1897 Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA

Death: 15 Mar 1981 Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Everett Montgomery Dunn

Mother: Cora Della Sarver

Name: William M Dunn

Birth: abt 1844 Ohio

Death: 1897 Iowa, USA

Father: John Dunn

Mother: Ellen Orme

Name: Clatie May Dunn

Birth: 18 May 1908 Humphreys, Tennessee Unnited States

Death: 4 Sep 1933 Gibson, Gibson, Tennessee United States

Father: William Thomas Dunn

Mother: Ida Jane Wallace

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