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Name: Bernice I Iden

Birth: 7 Apr 1899 Battle Creek, Michigan, USA

Death: Jan 1971 Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Melvin Laverne Iden

Mother: Laura Zelma Howard

Name: James Henry Iden

Birth: 17 May 1860 Harrison, Harrison, Iowa, United States

Death: 17 Feb 1924 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, United States

Father: Thomas Russell Iden

Mother: Julia Josephine Alexander

Name: Almira Iden

Birth: Jun 1845 Ohio

Death: 30 December 1924 Winona Lake, Kosciusko, Indiana, USA

Father: Henry Singleton Chain

Mother: Elizabeth McCormick

Name: Leatha Mae Iden

Birth: 18 May 1913 Calhoun, Michigan

Death: February 15, 2008 Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan

Father: Melvin Laverne Iden

Mother: Laura Zelma Howard

Name: Olive G IDEN

Birth: 01 Nov 1888 Hopewell Township, Ohio

Death: 31 Oct 1972 Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio

Father: John R Iden

Mother: Sarah Jane Hursey

Name: Sarah Iden

Birth: 13 November 1866 Dallas, Holt, Missouri, USA

Death: 16 Apr 1944 Mound City, Holt, Missouri, USA

Father: George W Iden

Mother: Nancy Lee Yocum

Name: Mandley Iden

Birth: 1796 Fauquier, Virginia, United States

Death: 03 Jul 1884 Virgina

Father: Jacob Iden

Mother: Elizabeth Parkerson Iden

Name: Mary Iden

Birth: 1 Feb 1828 Pike, Ohio, United States

Death: 8 Jul 1917 Mt Pulaski, Logan County, Ill,Buried in Bowers Tempeton Cem

Father: Humphrey Iden

Mother: Nancy iden

Name: Jessie Edward Iden

Birth: 5 Aug 1899 Crescent, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Death: 1 Oct 1963 San Joaquin County, California

Father: James Henry Iden

Mother: Eliza Kirkpatrick

Name: Esther Iden

Birth: Nov 1896 Illinois

Death: Mar 1977 St Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: James Cost Mier

Mother: Permelia Jane McKinney

Name: Clayton Iden

Birth: 26 Nov 1899 Pennfield, Calhoun County, Michigan, United States of America

Death: 10 Dec 1991 Newport Beach, Orange, California

Father: George Evans Iden

Mother: Mary Ann Whitney

Name: Carroll Iden

Birth: 19 FEB 1893 VA

Death: 27 September 1980 Berryville, Clarke, Virginia, United States of America

Father: Thomas Conway Iden

Mother: Lucy Keem

Name: Ralph Lennel Iden

Birth: 11 Jun 1911 Sparta, Noble, Indiana, United States

Death: 17 Aug 1978 Elkhart, Indiana

Father: Arthur Iden

Mother: Ada E. Miller

Name: Mary Ann Iden

Birth: abt 1818 Virginia

Death: 29 Jun 1884 Mentone, Kosciusko Co., IN

Father: John^(RjrG) Iden

Mother: Mary Vernon

Name: Thomas H. Iden

Birth: 28 Apr 1829 , Loudoun, Virginia, United States

Death: 21 Mar 1902 Gaylord, Smith, Kansas, United States

Father: Alfred Iden

Mother: Mary Ann Bell

Name: Lyle C Iden

Birth: 17 Aug 1906 Michigan

Death: 20 Dec 1996 Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan, USA

Father: Melvin Laverne Iden

Mother: Laura Zelma Howard

Name: Phillips Brandt Iden

Birth: 17 Dec 1909 Illinois

Death: 28 Feb 1989 Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas, USA

Father: George Iden

Mother: Jessie Margaret Dilworth

Name: Leander “Lee” Iden

Birth: 02 Jun 1860 Ohio, USA

Death: 27 May 1932 Wyandot, Ohio

Father: Randolph Iden

Mother: Susannah Kreager

Name: Ida Alice Iden

Birth: ABT 24 Sep 1865 Johnstown, Barry, Michigan, United States

Death: 11 January 1947 Banfield, Barry County, Michigan, USA

Father: Charles Parry Iden

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Bristol Iden

Name: Thomas Jefferson Iden

Birth: abt 1846 Ohio

Death: 7 Feb 1931 Sloan, Woodbury County, Iowa, USA

Father: George Washington Iden

Mother: Elizabeth Eliza Heston

Name: Grace May Iden

Birth: 27 May 1881 NY

Death: Sep 1973 Hillsdale, Hillsdale, Michigan, United States

Father: Alpheus James Iden

Mother: Pamela Stephens

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