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Name: Frances J MANLEY

Birth: march, 1842 Big Shanty, Cobb, Georgia

Death: 1916 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Dempsey Perryman Manley

Mother: Letha Candacy

Name: Madeline Margaret Manley

Birth: abt 1904 Stanley, Chippewa, Wisconsin

Death: 11 September 1986 Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Frank James Manley

Mother: Ann Martha Bovaird

Name: Thomas Bentley Manley

Birth: 24 Mar 1844 Tennessee, USA

Death: 8 Jan 1917 Missouri, USA

Father: Caleb B Manley

Mother: Rebecca Appleberry

Name: Bestey Manley

Birth: 23 May 1795 Otsego County, New York, USA

Death: 10 May 1871 Tioga, Tioga, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: George Manley

Mother: Elizabeth Davenport

Name: Thomas Manley

Birth: ABT OCT 1835 Audlem, Cheshire

Death: AFT 1911 Congleton, Cheshire

Father: Richard Manley

Mother: Elizabeth Bellis

Name: Hugh Wellington Manley

Birth: 07 MAR 1866 Gosfield Twp., Essex Co., Ontario, Canada

Death: January 20, 1920 Leamington, Essex County, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Young Manley

Mother: Mary Jane Lynch

Name: Dean S MANLEY

Birth: abt 1825 New York, USA

Death: 1896 New York, United States

Father: Horace Manley

Mother: Marcia Slade Chase

Name: Corrie Manley

Birth: Jun 1871 Georgia, United States

Death: 18 Dec 1932 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Manley

Mother: Mary E. Nalley

Name: Elizabeth Manley

Birth: Oct 1856 Ohio

Death: December 14, 1943 Rarden, Scioto County, Ohio, USA

Father: James Madison Manley

Mother: Mary Jane Keyes

Name: Thomas Manley

Birth: 30 Jun 1918 Lead Hill, Boone, Arkansas

Death: 27 Aug 1987 Wesley, Madison, Arkansas

Father: Thomas Moses Manley

Mother: Minnie Smith

Name: John David Manley

Birth: 2 Oct 1881 Georgia, United States

Death: 1 Sep 1942 Pike County, Georgia

Father: John Manley

Mother: Sarah Talitha Cook Manley

Name: J Malcolm Manley

Birth: 04 Sept 1916 Georgia

Death: 30 Dec 2003 Atlanta, De Kalb, Georgia, USA

Father: Robert Herbert Manley

Mother: Annie Maria Fitzgibbon

Name: Porter MANLEY

Birth: August 1837 New York, USA

Death: 1902 Freehold, Greene, New York, USA

Father: Nelson M Manley

Mother: Mary Dobbs

Name: Frances Mary Manley

Birth: 04 Apr 1896 Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa

Death: 28 Nov 1987 Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, South Dakota, USA

Father: John James Manley

Mother: Katherine Costello

Name: James H Manley

Birth: 29 Mar 1888 Alabama

Death: 1960 Cross, Arkansas, United States

Father: Clarence Manley

Mother: Rebecca Evaline McGehee

Name: Roy L Manley

Birth: 18 Jun 1903 Minnesota

Death: 8 FEB 1991 Rockport, Aransas, Texas, United States

Father: Willis Martin Manley

Mother: Rebecca L. Norton

Name: Cecil Solomon Manley

Birth: 19 Apr 1920 Iowa, USA

Death: 30 May 1977 Grundy County, Iowa, United States of America

Father: Charles W. Manley

Mother: Elizabeth Mutch

Name: Grady Henry Manley

Birth: abt 1920 Georgia

Death: 11 Nov 1974 Lockney, Floyd, Texas, USA

Father: Clifford M Manley

Mother: Eunice Pryor

Name: john j manley

Birth: DEC 1865 Scranton ,PA

Death: 7 FEB 1938 Scranton ,PA


Mother: Mary Ann Coleman

Name: Lillian Rosetta Manley

Birth: 10 Apr 1868 Brevard, Transylvania County, North Carolina

Death: 17 Nov 1948 Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee

Father: Jeremiah (Jerry) Manley

Mother: Eliza Matilda Stamey

Name: Delana Manley

Birth: 03 Oct 1826 Dummerston, Windham, Vermont, USA

Death: 08 May 1888 Mansfield, Cattaraugus, New York, USA

Father: John French Manley

Mother: Abigail Wilson

Name: S. J. Manley

Birth: 31 Jan 1861 Juno, Tennessee

Death: 7 Jan 1937 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee

Father: William Sutton Manley

Mother: Martha Stallings

Name: Emma MANLEY

Birth: 1846 Hemyock, Devon, England, UK

Death: 28 Dec 1913 Payneham, South Australia, Australia

Father: Nicholas Manley

Mother: Mary Tozer

Name: Sherman Lee Manley

Birth: 21 May 1888 Logan, Illinois, United States

Death: 14 Sep 1963 Napa

Father: Dorpheus Chaney Manley

Mother: Susannah Hayes

Name: George L. Manley

Birth: abt 1865 Vermont

Death: 28 Apr 1909 Plymouth, Windsor, Vermont, USA

Father: Winchester Manley


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