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Name: Helen J McColgan

Birth: 21 May 1885 Ballyharry, Culdaff, Co Donegal

Death: Mar 1967 Long Island City, Queens, New York, USA

Father: PATRICK McColgan

Mother: Margery Harkin

Name: James Joseph McColgan

Birth: abt 1858 Carrowtrasna, Moville, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Death: 15 Aug 1918 Rock Glenn, NY

Father: Patrick McColgian

Mother: Mary Snell

Name: John McColgan

Birth: 5 May 1907 Missouri, USA

Death: 20 August 1952 St. Louis City, St. Louis City, Missouri, USA

Father: Charles "Charlie" McColgan

Mother: Lettia Kerr

Name: Olive Mccolgan

Birth: 17 Feb 1905 Boonton Morr, New Jersey

Death: 04 Dec 1987 Orange, New Jersey, USA

Father: James Harvey Hummel

Mother: Anna Cordelia Evarts

Name: J Foley Mccolgan

Birth: 24 Jan 1897 Maryland

Death: Dec 1967 Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA

Father: Arthur Joseph McColgan

Mother: Lulia E Fleming

Name: Walter Thomas McCOLGAN

Birth: 25 Sep 1927 Butte MT

Death: 15 Apr 2005 Vaughn, Pierce, Washington

Father: Walter Thomas McColgan

Mother: Mary Stevens

Name: Minnie W McColgan

Birth: Mar 1885 Bland Co., VA

Death: 18 September 1970 Mercer, West Virginia

Father: William McColgan

Mother: Mary Augusta Grayson

Name: John P McColgan

Birth: abt 1890 Pennsylvania

Death: 1950 Yeadon, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John P McColgan

Mother: Mary Ellen Brady

Name: Gerald Patrick McColgan

Birth: 24 Mar 1914 Dorchester, Massachusetts

Death: 19 Jul 1991 Dallas, Texas

Father: Hugh McColgan

Mother: Mary McLaughlin

Name: Eugene F McColgan

Birth: 07/21/1866 Texas, USA

Death: 27 Oct 1920 Franklin, Simpson Co., Kentucky

Father: Dr. McColgan

Mother: Loretta Jane Hix

Name: James McColgan

Birth: 1815 Cloncha, Clonca, Donegal, Ireland

Death: 22 June 1883 Washington DC

Father: Edward McColgan

Mother: Mary McColgan

Name: Lovetta McColgan

Birth: 2 Jul 1893 Massachusetts

Death: 21 Jun 1985 Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: Patrick McColgan

Mother: Jennie (Jane) Quinn

Name: Arthur Forrest McCOLGAN

Birth: 12 Dec 1877 Copley Township, Summit, Ohio, USA

Death: 29 Jun 1957 Lake, Ohio, USA

Father: James S Mccolgan

Mother: Susanna Adams

Name: Marty McColgan

Birth: 1927 Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Death: 2005 Staten Island, Richmond, New York, United States

Father: Edward J Mccolgan

Mother: Mary White

Name: William Joseph McColgan

Birth: 1 Jul 1884 Ballyharry, Culdaff, Co Donegal, , Ireland

Death: 1950 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Father: PATRICK McColgan

Mother: Margery Harkin

Name: William Mccolgan

Birth: August 8, 1856 Donegal, Ireland

Death: 30 Jan 1919 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Patrick McColgian

Mother: Mary Snell

Name: Katherine Verne McColgan

Birth: 18 April 1886 Cook County, Illinois, United States of America

Death: 11 January 1960 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Charles Olschner

Mother: Katharina Kate Ingenthron

Name: Susan McColgan

Birth: Oct 1870 Illinois USA

Death: 23 Oct 1943 McLeansboro, Hamilton, Illinois, United States

Father: John McColgan

Mother: Mary Catherine Davis

Name: Hamilton Cornelius McColgan

Birth: 20 Mar 1820 Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, USA

Death: 23 Nov., 1900 Granby, Newton Co., Missouri, USA

Father: Thomas McColgin

Mother: Mary Hayes

Name: Mary R McColgan

Birth: 13 Jun 1909 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 25 Nov 1995 Longport, Atlantic, New Jersey, USA

Father: William J. McColgan

Mother: Ella T. O'Keefe

Name: James Arthur MCCOLGAN

Birth: 20 Sep 1918 Gambrills, Maryland

Death: 13 Jun 1991 Seminole, Pinellas, Florida, USA

Father: Arthur Poe McColgan

Mother: Francesca Catanzaro

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