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Name: francis robert mccombie

Birth: 24 Nov 1909 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 21 apr 1984 Rockford, Illinois il

Father: Cletus Raymond McCombie

Mother: Mary Louise McDermott

Name: john wright mccombie

Birth: 26 Dec 1861 Camberwell, Surrey, England

Death: 16 Oct 1933 WOOLWICH, LONDON.

Father: Thomas McCombie

Mother: Frances Parfitt

Name: William McCombie

Birth: 8 May 1809 Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 6 May 1870 ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND.

Father: William McCombie

Mother: Marjorie McCombie

Name: Russell Wallace McCombie

Birth: 5 November 1918 Marquette County, Michigan, United States of America

Death: 29 November 1991 Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Wallace Mccombie

Mother: Mary Ellen Larmour

Name: Minnie McCombie

Birth: 20 May 1872 Millbrook, NS

Death: 22 Dec 1945 Seattle, WA

Father: John MacCombie

Mother: Anna Forbes

Name: Peter McCombie

Birth: 03 Aug 1761 Logie-Coldstone, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 23 Feb 1830 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: Joseph McCombie

Mother: Isobel Gray

Name: Dorothy Kelly McCombie

Birth: 28 February 1918 Ishpeming, Marquette, Michigan

Death: 30 May 2010 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, United States

Father: Alfred Ernest Kelly

Mother: Ethel Mae Jenkin

Name: Frank Casper McCombie

Birth: 29 Mar 1888 Pennsylvania

Death: 11 Feb 1948 Barr, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Albert Emmett McCombs

Mother: Regina Rachel Gray

Name: Margaret E. McCombie

Birth: Jul 1862 Illinois

Death: 22 Jun 1942 Union, Cumberland, Illinois

Father: William Wells

Mother: Mary Ann Wisner

Name: cletus raymond mccombie

Birth: 1 Jun 1886 Pennsylvania

Death: Mar 1973 Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Celestine Robert McCombie

Mother: Amelia Elizabeth Eckenrode

Name: Joseph McCombie

Birth: 1730 Logie-Coldstone, Aberdeenshire, , Scotland

Death: 1798 Logie-Coldstone, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: Andrew McCombe

Mother: Rebecca Jane Young-McCombe

Name: Lee Mccombie

Birth: 16 Oct. 1889 Pennsylvania

Death: 26 Jun 1952 Pennsylvania

Father: Adam Morris McCombie

Mother: Alice Nellie Lockwood

Name: Charles V McCombie

Birth: 28 Jan 1928 Elmira, PA.

Death: 1 January 2009 Virginia, USA

Father: Charles Henry McCombie

Mother: Helen Pavlic

Name: Adam McCombie

Birth: 12 Nov 1907 Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Death: 12 Jul 1973 Bloomfield, Essex, New Jersey, USA

Father: John Jamieson McCombie

Mother: Jane EDWARD(S)

Name: Charles Chilton McCombie

Birth: 9 May 1883 Saint Boniface, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Jul 1968 Elmora, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Chilton McCombie

Mother: Mary Ann Gray

Name: William Farquhar McCombie

Birth: Mar 31 1829 Alves Moray

Death: 1 Mar 1913 Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England

Father: James Mccombie

Mother: Elizabeth Lobban

Name: thomas mccombie

Birth: 5 Sep 1851 Neat Street, Camberwell, Surrey, England

Death: Mar 1923 West Ham, Essex

Father: Thomas McCombie

Mother: Frances Parfitt

Name: Charles McCombie

Birth: 18 Jun 1769 Logie-Coldstone, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 1841 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: Joseph McCombie

Mother: Isobel Gray

Name: Alexander Mccombie

Birth: 11th May 1889 Plaistow, Essex, England

Death: 25 Sep 1939 Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: John Wright McCombie

Mother: Lavinia Amelia Ridpath

Name: John D. McCombie

Birth: 12 Feb 1919 Carrolltown, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 28 Nov 1980 Glen Burnie, Ann Arundel, Maryland, USA

Father: Sylvanus Martin McCombie

Mother: Ruth Ellen Condon

Name: William McCombie

Birth: 1858/01/28 ,,,Scotland

Death: 28 Dec 1938 Marquette, Michigan

Father: William John McCombie

Mother: Sarah (Sally) Whidden

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