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Name: Thomas Smith

Birth: 7 Mar 1856 Upper Canada

Death: 19 Dec 1939 Agincourt, York, Ontario, Canada

Father: James Smith

Mother: Jane West

Name: Cass Edward Smith

Birth: 31 Aug 1946 Middlesborough, Bell, Kentucky, USA

Death: 18 Sep 1992 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA

Father: Albert Lee Smith

Mother: Mary Lou Hall

Name: William Smith

Birth: 21 Sep 1863 Ontario, Canada

Death: 14 Apr 1919 Elgin Co, Ontario, Canada

Father: Henry Darius Smith

Mother: Mary Freeman

Name: Francis Elizabeth Smith

Birth: 16 May 1918 Michigan

Death: 26 Aug 2000 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: Joseph (Kovacs) Smith

Mother: Judith Skok

Name: Mary Esther Smith

Birth: June, 1855 Madison, Daviess Co., Indiana

Death: 01 Nov 1934 Richmond, Wayne, Indiana, USA

Father: John Wesley Smith

Mother: Amanda Eleanor Keck

Name: Almanzer Denslow Smith

Birth: 14 Oct 1833 Colebrook, Coos, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 12 Dec 1910 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA

Father: William Morgan Smith

Mother: Louisa Wing

Name: Mildred I Smith

Birth: 12 Sep 1904 Sycamore, KS

Death: 28 Sep 1994 tulsa, oklahoma

Father: Harry Otis Smith

Mother: Eva May Holden

Name: Inez B Smith

Birth: Aug 1870 Vermont, United States

Death: 1 OCT 1963 Orange, Vermont, United States

Father: Otis Benjamin Smith

Mother: Nancy Angeline Shattuck

Name: Allbert Elby Smith

Birth: 5//5//1922 North Carolina, USA

Death: 09 May 1996 Ohio

Father: James Hamilton Smith

Mother: Demarice Emma Satterfield

Name: Vance SMITH

Birth: 7 Apr 1897 Arkansas

Death: Jun 1979 Arkadelphia, Clark, Arkansas, United States of America

Father: James Smith

Mother: Catherine Amanda McJunkin

Name: Nellie Smith

Birth: 1903 Kansas

Death: 7 Aug 1969 Concordia, Cloud Co.Kansas

Father: George Smith

Mother: Susan Peck

Name: Fred William Smith

Birth: 10 Apr 1914 , Huntington, Indiana, USA

Death: 30 April 1969 Huntington County, Indiana

Father: Raymond Smith

Mother: Dessie May Goodmiller

Name: Maud M Smith

Birth: 17 February 1861 Etobicoke, York, Ontario, Canada

Death: 29 Feb 1920 Ancaster, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada

Father: James Henry Smith

Mother: Mahetabel Brayley

Name: Clara Smith

Birth: 9 October 1907 Indiana

Death: 2 Nov 1993 Indiana, USA

Father: Thomas Smith

Mother: Rosa elizabeth auberry

Name: Abbie C Smith

Birth: 06 Oct 1916 Surry, North Carolina, USA

Death: 08 Jan 2005 Archdale, Guilford, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Anderson Smith

Mother: Stacy Floyd Golden

Name: Bennett Smith

Birth: 1738 Wincanton, Somerset, England ? ?

Death: 1812 Warminster, Wiltshire, England

Father: William Smith

Mother: Margaret Silverthorne

Name: Edward Brighton Smith

Birth: CAL 1909 Derry Township, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 2 Sept 1990 Hill Haven Nursing Home, Savannah, GA

Father: Edward B Smith

Mother: Sarah Agnes Mountz

Name: Jas. Smith

Birth: abt 1842 Kentucky

Death: 1921 Thayer, Oregon, Missouri, United States

Father: Abraham Ard


Name: James Smith

Birth: 15 Oct 1803 County Down, Ireland

Death: 20 Jul 1884 Baileyville, Washington, Maine, USA

Father: William Smith

Mother: Agnes McMillan

Name: Jessie Floyd Smith

Birth: Nov 1893 Georgia

Death: 1960 Bickley, Ware, Georgia, USA

Father: James Smith

Mother: Srophronia Walker

Name: Dennis Ford Smith

Birth: 2 Apr 1937 Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Death: 17 Dec 2008 Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Father: Charles Hayes Smith

Mother: Elizabeth Marie FORD

Name: Virgil W. Smith

Birth: 15 Feb 1907 California, USA

Death: 1 Aug 1967 Alameda

Father: Rudolph John Smith

Mother: Minnie M Weist

Name: Philip Smith

Birth: 26 Dec 1836 County Meath,Cavan, Ireland

Death: 15 October 1922 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, United States

Father: Owen Patrick Smith

Mother: Mary E Clarke

Name: Louis Reid Smith

Birth: 14 Mar 1920 Oklahoma

Death: 12 Apr 2001 Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Timothy Smith

Mother: Vinnia Sage

Name: Nancy Ann Smith

Birth: 1849 Wallasey,Cheshire

Death: Jan 1891 Wirral, Cheshire

Father: Isaac Smith

Mother: Ann Stanley

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