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NAME: (daughter 1 Of Harry & Harriette) Smith

BIRTH: 20 May 1919

DEATH: 4 Apr 1988 Mcleansboro, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Harry F Smith

MOTHER: Harriet Julia Gallagher

NAME: (misenhalter) Smith

BIRTH: 1843 West Virginia, USA

DEATH: 24 Jul 1871

FATHER: Henry Smith

MOTHER: Margaret Midcap

NAME: (miss Jennie) Smith

BIRTH: 1880 Esquesing, Halton, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 1959 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Daniel Smith

MOTHER: Anne Jane Kirkwood

NAME: (unknown #1) Smith

BIRTH: 30 Oct 1847 Jackson, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 29 Apr 1885

FATHER: Preston Smith

MOTHER: Sallie T Thomas

NAME: (unknown Female C) Smith

BIRTH: Nov 1832 Alabama, USA

DEATH: 1900 Mclennan, Texas, USA

FATHER: Noah Smith

MOTHER: Eliza McFerrin

NAME: ? E. Smith

BIRTH: 1866 New York, USA


FATHER: David B Smith

MOTHER: Ann Eliza Smith

NAME: \male5\ Smith

BIRTH: 1914

DEATH: 1993

FATHER: Thomas William Smith

MOTHER: Elizabeth Brooker

NAME: __2nd Daughter Smith

BIRTH: 12 Mar 1887 Wayne, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 1890 Henderson, Texas, USA

FATHER: Edward L Smith

MOTHER: Rebeken Evaline McLauchlin

NAME: 2nd Smith

BIRTH: 1953 Bristol, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 1998 Petersburg, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Emmitt Gilbert Smith


NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: Apr 1896


FATHER: Thomas H Smith

MOTHER: Martha E

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1847 Ohio, USA


FATHER: Unknown


NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1906 Oklahoma, USA


FATHER: Sam Smith

MOTHER: Ida Luke

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1888


FATHER: David Delanie Smith

MOTHER: Martha Ann Brimer

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1846


FATHER: Pickney Smith

MOTHER: Louisa G Wade

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: Aug 1883 Dyer, Tennessee, USA


FATHER: Green Smith

MOTHER: Susan Bradshaw

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1873 Wilkinson, Mississippi, USA


FATHER: Joseph A Smith

MOTHER: Solite E Floyd

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1913


FATHER: Ross Smith

MOTHER: Allie Burr

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1867 Tennessee, USA


FATHER: John R Smith

MOTHER: Martha Moyers

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1856


FATHER: Charles Smith

MOTHER: Elvira Fisher

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1817


FATHER: Philip Smith

MOTHER: Catherine Miller

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1817


FATHER: Philip Smith

MOTHER: Catherine Miller

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1880 Pendergrass, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 1880 Pendergrass, Georgia, USA

FATHER: William Jefferson Smith

MOTHER: Mary Jane White

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 15 Apr 1865

DEATH: 11 Sep 1870

FATHER: John Mansil Smith

MOTHER: Drucilla Smith

NAME: A Smith

BIRTH: 1875


FATHER: Hugh Smith

MOTHER: Helen Wilkie

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