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Name: Mary Smither

Birth: 7 March 1871 Missouri

Death: 20 November 1940 Andrew, Missouri, USA

Father: Samuel Karr

Mother: Sarah Frances Stanley

Name: Rosina Smither

Birth: 1846 Beeding, Sussex, , England

Death: 8//5//1914 Eastbourne, East Sussex

Father: Charles Smithers

Mother: Elizabeth Cheesman

Name: Ella E Smither

Birth: 26 Nov 1861 Texas, USA

Death: 16 Nov 1945 Houston, Harris, Texas, United States

Father: William Bowles Smither

Mother: Alice Leanna Keenan

Name: Elias Smither

Birth: 21/11/1773 Worplesdon, Surrey, England

Death: abt 1832 Surrey

Father: William SMITHERS

Mother: Christian Strudwick

Name: George Thomas Smither

Birth: 16 January 1842 Essex County, Virginia

Death: 1 July 1897 Richmond Virginia

Father: George Kent Smither

Mother: Cordelia Gatewood

Name: William Oscar Smither

Birth: 29 Aug 1892 Texas, USA

Death: 12 Aug 1969 Greenville, Hunt, Texas, USA

Father: Jacob Smithers

Mother: Frances Sargent Smithers

Name: Eugene Markham Smither

Birth: 01 Mar 1874 Huntsville, Walker, Texas, USA

Death: 10 Aug 1929 Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: John Richard Smither

Mother: Rebecca Ann Spivey

Name: Rosena Theresa Smither

Birth: 15 Oct 1872 Platte County, Missouri, USA

Death: 27 Sep 1959 Weston, Platte, Missouri, USA

Father: Jacob Friedrich Beck

Mother: Sophia Rosina Wirth

Name: Samuel SMITHER

Birth: October 1841 Bethnal Green, London, England

Death: 31 Dec 1927 Hackney, London, England

Father: Thomas Robert Smithers

Mother: Charlotte Nunn

Name: Gabe N. Smither

Birth: 9 DEC 1843 Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS, USA

Death: 22 May 1919 Ozark, Franklin, Arkansas, United States

Father: William Harper Smither

Mother: Elizabeth R Neil/Smither

Name: Richard M Smither

Birth: 1850 Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Death: 26 Dec 1914 Poyen, Grant, Arkansas, USA

Father: Benjamin Head Smither

Mother: Susan A Haydon


Birth: FEB 6 1841 Indiana

Death: Aug 25, 1932 Marion County, Indiana, USA

Father: Willis Smithers

Mother: Hester Hetty Davis

Name: Elizabeth Ann Smither

Birth: Abt 1836 Westminster, Middlesex, England

Death: abt 1 Dec 1913 Gravesend, Kent, England

Father: Thomas Smithers

Mother: Elizabeth A Thomson

Name: Elizabeth J Smither

Birth: 10 August 1845 Kentucky, United States

Death: 25 Jul 1916 Eminence, Henry County, Kentucky

Father: William Smither

Mother: Jane Penn

Name: Fantley Johnson Smither

Birth: 30 Dec 1849 Woodford, Kentucky

Death: 8 May 1916 Woodford Co., Kentucky, USA

Father: William G Smither

Mother: Permelia Johnson

Name: Edwin Harvey SMITHER

Birth: May 1879 Illinois

Death: 16 JUL 1969 Hammond, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: James W Smithers

Mother: Mary Catherine Lake

Name: Chester Philip Smither

Birth: 25 Jan 1904 , Shelby, Kentucky, USA

Death: 25 Jul 1979 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States of America

Father: Hezakiah "Kie" Smither

Mother: Emma Daisy Rogders

Name: Shirley June Smither

Birth: 22 Feb 1934 Bedford, Lawrence, Indiana, USA

Death: 26 Jun 1973 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Paul Louis Smither

Mother: Edna Marie Canada

Name: Marium Smither

Birth: 9//1//1836 Linn County, Missouri, USA

Death: 09 May 1915 Lingo Cemetary, MO


Mother: Hannah (Nash) Smithers

Name: Lois Smither

Birth: abt 1816 Woking, Surrey, England

Death: Dec 1898 Greater London, London, Surrey, United Kingdom

Father: Edward Smither


Name: Mary Smither

Birth: 27 December 1914 Ozark, Franklin, Arkansas, USA

Death: 28 May 2005 Euless, Tarrant, Texas, USA

Father: Gabriel Neill Smither

Mother: Rhoda Ann Williams

Name: Mayetta Norlene Smither

Birth: 8 July 1939 Weston, Platte, Missouri

Death: 31 Jan 2012 St. Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri

Father: William Chester Smither

Mother: Mildred Irene Pulliam

Name: Henry Robert Smither

Birth: abt 1840 Bermondsey, Surrey, England

Death: Mar 1925 Willesden, London, England

Father: Francis Dearsley Smither

Mother: Elizabeth Green

Name: Herbert "Herb" Smither

Birth: 31 Jan 1884 Kentucky

Death: 16 Dec 1963 Franklin County, Kentucky, United States

Father: John W Smither

Mother: Emma White

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