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Name: Anthony Hellard Tomaszewski

Birth: 7 Jun 1899 Michigan

Death: 15 Jul 1970 Detroit

Father: Hilary Tomaszewski

Mother: Mary Anna Lawicki

Name: Anna Tomaszewski

Birth: November 5, 1897 Grand Rapids

Death: 3 December 1981 Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan

Father: Francisco Tomaszewski

Mother: Matilda Michalski (Micalski) Tomaszewski

Name: Stella Tomaszewski

Birth: abt 1884 Poland

Death: 11 Feb 1962 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Stanislas Tomaszewski

Mother: Victoria Tomaszewska

Name: Martin Joseph Tomaszewski

Birth: 03 Aug 1928 Watesboro

Death: 29 Oct 1984 Val Verde, Texas

Father: Valentin Ignacsi Tomaszewski

Mother: Mary Ann Wrobleski

Name: Chester Stanley Tomaszewski

Birth: 10 Mar 1920 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Death: 1 November 1989 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut

Father: Louis Tony Tomaszewski

Mother: Antonina Olscheska

Name: Hilarises Tomaszewski

Birth: 13 January 1864 Germany

Death: 3 March 1912 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Frank Tomaszewski

Mother: Antonina Maciejak

Name: Walerya (Valeria) Tomaszewski

Birth: Feb 1883 Poland, Germany

Death: 15 Dec 1918 Cook County, Illinois, USA

Father: John Tomaszewski

Mother: Franciszka Zielinski Tomaszewski

Name: John Tomaszewski

Birth: 13 Dec 1874 Illinois

Death: 14 February 1964 Ashley, Washington County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Anton Anthony TOMASZEWSKI

Mother: Catherine Gatza

Name: Edward J Tomaszewski

Birth: 27 Jul 1913 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 27 Jan 1965 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Bronislaw Tomaszewski

Mother: Agnes Edna Zulawski

Name: Joseph A. Tomaszewski

Birth: abt 1908 Carrollton, Michigan

Death: 21 April 1992 Michigan

Father: Anthony Frank Tomaszewski

Mother: Antoinette Thecla Pasierb

Name: Alice Tomaszewski

Birth: 1923 Chicago

Death: 04 May 1948 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Albert Tomaszewski

Mother: Pauline Kniewel Tomaszewska

Name: Charles Tomaszewski

Birth: Jul 1896 Ohio

Death: 03 Apr 1979 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: Andrzej Tomaszewski

Mother: Maryanna Bartoszewska

Name: Helen Tomaszewski

Birth: 9 Dec 1895 Milwaukee MI, Wisconsin

Death: 29 March 1989 Crivitz, WI

Father: John (Joannes) Tomaszewski

Mother: Frances (Francisca) Olejniczak

Name: Joseph F Tomaszewski

Birth: abt 1913 Illinois

Death: 2 August 1994 Boone County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Constantine Tomaszewski

Mother: Katherine Marz


Birth: abt 1910 Michigan

Death: 08 Mar 1990 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

Father: John "Jan" TOMASZEWSKI *

Mother: Mary Ann SLUCKI * Tomaszewski

Name: Walter Tomaszewski

Birth: 27 June 1909 Tiflis, Georgia, Russia

Death: 12 January 1996 Merrillville, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: Constantine Tomaszewski

Mother: Katherine Marz

Name: Elizabeth Margaret Tomaszewski

Birth: 18 Nov 1912 Pennsylvania

Death: 22 Apr 1999 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Father: Valentin Ignacsi Tomaszewski

Mother: Mary Ann Wrobleski

Name: Margaret Tomaszewski

Birth: Aug 1877 Poland, Germany

Death: 14 NOV 1962 LaSalle, Illinois

Father: Bartlomiej (Bartholomew) Tomaszewski

Mother: Victoria Karolezak

Name: Luke Tomaszewski

Birth: Oct 1874 Polonia (Sharon twp), Portage, Wisconsin

Death: 26 DEC 1909 Chicago, Cook Co, IL USA

Father: Piotr (Peter) Tomaszewski

Mother: Rozalia Ochendal

Name: Lucille Tomaszewski

Birth: 1 Dec 1917 Gary

Death: 25 Mar 2000 Crown Point, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: Vincent Tomaszewski

Mother: Victoria Gerlich Tomaszewski

Name: Catherine Tomaszewski

Birth: November 23,1868 Poland

Death: June 28,1954 Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan

Father: Jacob Tomaszewski

Mother: Mary Karolinowa

Name: Phyllis Tomaszewski

Birth: abt 1910 Ohio

Death: 29 Jun 1974 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA

Father: John A. Tomaszewski

Mother: Martha Zulka

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