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Name: Thomas Tomkins

Birth: 1735 Dudleston, Shropshire, England

Death: 07 Nov 1794 Duddleston Shropshire England

Father: Thomas Henry Tomkins

Mother: Martha Marsh

Name: ethel milliner tomkins

Birth: abt 1891 New York

Death: 14 Sep 1988 Citrus County, Florida, USA

Father: Avery J. Tompkins

Mother: Harriet Utter

Name: George Tomkins

Birth: 1911 Texas

Death: 4/27/1970 lamar co. paris, tx

Father: Thomas Jefferson Tompkins

Mother: Etta Clara Phillips

Name: Matilda Tomkins

Birth: 10 Jan 1824 Puncknowle, Dorset, England

Death: 1896 Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

Father: Richard Tomkins

Mother: Mary Forse

Name: Mary Elizabeth Tomkins

Birth: 13 Jul 1843 Genesee Co., New York

Death: 13 Oct 1927 Billings, Yellowstone, Montana, USA

Father: Almon Tompkins

Mother: Marinda Ann Higgins

Name: Edward George Tomkins

Birth: Jun 1874 Hampshire, United Kingdom

Death: Dec 1952 North Surrey, , British Columbia, Canada

Father: William Henry Tomkins

Mother: Georgianna C Lowe

Name: John Tomkins

Birth: ab. 1847 Canada

Death: 14 Jun 1917 Ontario,Canada

Father: William Tomkins

Mother: Susanna Susan Shane

Name: William S Tomkins

Birth: 9 Sep 1917 Ridgewood, Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Death: 18 Jan 2006 Naples, Collier, Florida, USA

Father: William F TOMKINS

Mother: Mary Dwinger Singleton

Name: Rathvon McClure Tomkins

Birth: 23 August 1912 Boulder, Colorado, USA

Death: 17 Sep 1999 Beaufort, Beaufort, South Carolina

Father: Howard Tompkins

Mother: Annie Cochran Rathvon

Name: Fanny Isabelle Tomkins

Birth: abt 1869 St Pancras, London, England

Death: 19 Jul 1944 Camberwell, London, England

Father: George James Tomkins

Mother: Eliza Elizabeth NOAH

Name: Francis Tomkins

Birth: abt 1830 Great Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England

Death: 2 Mar 1909 Hertfordshire, England

Father: Francis Tompkins

Mother: Sarah Emmett

Name: Maria Tomkins

Birth: January 1863 How Caple, Herefordshire, England

Death: 1 August 1939 Slough, Buckinghamshire, England

Father: Henry Tomkins

Mother: Alice Oakley

Name: Lottie June Tomkins

Birth: 03 Jul 1876 Michigan

Death: 10 August 1952 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana, USA

Father: John B Tompkins

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Secord

Name: Thomas TOMKINS

Birth: 15 May 1864 Shoreditch, London, England

Death: 1939 Walsall, Staffordshire, England

Father: Samuel Tomkins

Mother: Sarah Ann Fenton

Name: Mary Ann TOMKINS

Birth: Oct 1856 London, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Death: December 1879 London, United Kingdom

Father: George Tomkins

Mother: Mary Ann SIMPSON

Name: Lena M. Tomkins

Birth: 16 Dec 1892 Lee, Iowa

Death: 1981 Van Buren, Iowa

Father: George Thomas Tomkins

Mother: Mary A Hammans

Name: George Tomkins

Birth: May 1841 Dunchurch, Warwickshire

Death: Mar 1919 Aston, Warwickshire

Father: Daniel Tomkins

Mother: Mary Holt

Name: Edward Tomkins

Birth: Apr 1874 Boldre, Hampshire, England

Death: Dec 1933 New Forest, Hampshire, England

Father: Edward William Tomkins

Mother: Emily Ann PEARCE .

Name: Ernest Tomkins

Birth: 30 Jun 1898 Stanstead, Estrie Region, Quebec Province, Canada

Death: 05 Oct 1944 Midland, Midland County, Texas, USA

Father: John Tomkins

Mother: Hannah Ella Trenholme

Name: George Raymond Tomkins

Birth: 13 Feb 1898 California, United States

Death: 14 Jul 1976 Cathedral City, Riverside, California, United States

Father: Ernest Noah Tomkins

Mother: Lola May Acree

Name: Glen Frank Tomkins

Birth: 5 May 1916 Michigan

Death: 7 Feb 1957 Boyne City, Charlevoix, Michigan, USA

Father: Alvah Cranmer Tomkins

Mother: Rose Agnes Schepperle

Name: Mary Tomkins

Birth: 1769 Chalgrave Parish Church, Bedfordshire.

Death: APR 1856 Northall, Edlesborough, Brds

Father: Thomas Tomkins

Mother: Ann Wall

Name: Samuel William Tomkins

Birth: Apr 1873 Daviess, Kentucky, United States

Death: ABT 1914 Union Co., Kentucfky

Father: Hon. Tompkins

Mother: Elizabeth Venable Tompkins

Name: John Tomkins

Birth: abt 1809 Chalgrave, Bedfordshire, England

Death: 08 Feb 1886 Wingfield, Bedfordshire, England

Father: William Tomkins

Mother: Elizabeth Jarvis

Name: Esther M. Tomkins

Birth: 20 Apr 1856 Latimer Cressing Ohio

Death: 1939 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Tompkins

Mother: Matilda Kirby

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