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Debbi Korman et al., comp. Hungary, Jewish Survivors listed in "Hirek az Elhurcoltakrol", 1945 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Hirek az Elhurcoltakrol. Budapest: 1945. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, DS135.H9 H56 1945. This data is provided in partnership with

About Hungary, Jewish Survivors listed in "Hirek az Elhurcoltakrol", 1945

In 1945 a now defunct Hungarian periodical, Hirek az Elhurcoltakrol (News about the Deportees) published five issues listing Hungarian Jewish survivors located in various European Displaced Person camps. Most of these camps were in Germany and Austria, but there are also lists from Sweden, France, Czechoslovakia, Poland and the former Soviet Union. In the latter case, these were Hungarian Jewish prisoners of war (forced laborers) captured by the Russians.

This database contains 17,931 names and includes the following fields:

  • Camp

  • Family name

  • Given name

  • Year of birth

  • Place of birth or origin

While researchers may request copies of individual pages of interest to them, the material does not provide any additional information than what is present in this database.