Source Information

Anonymous. New Brunswick, Canada, Passenger Lists: 1834 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002.
Original data: Microfilm Reel No. F9798, Archives of New Brunswick.

About New Brunswick, Canada, Passenger Lists: 1834

Historically, Canada has been the destination for millions of immigrants from around the world seeking a better life in North America. There have been frequent periods of migration between the United States and Canada, creating an interesting research problem for the genealogist. Neither Canadian nor American researchers can afford to be ignorant of records in the other nation. Passage to Canada was often less expensive than traveling to ports in the United States, so immigrants might travel to Canada and then complete their journey to the United States on land. Economic and social pressures have also played important roles in migration patterns. This database can be immensely helpful for researchers with Canadian ancestors.

The entries in this database are not complete transcriptions of the original records. For those of you who would like to purchase a more detailed electronic transcript for a particular entry, highlight the information you found for the record you want, then copy and paste it into the e-mail address below, along with your name and address and you will be contacted with additional information. [email protected]