Source Information England, Queen's Canadian Military Hospital Registers, 1914-1919 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.
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Canada House Records & Records of Related Offices, 1914–1939. Textual records. Queen’s Canadian Military Hospital, archival reference number R219-41-5-E (formerly RG25-B-1-i), vols. 648-650. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Canada.

About England, Queen's Canadian Military Hospital Registers, 1914-1919

During the First World War a number of Canadian hospitals were established in Britain and France to treat the Canadian Corps and other Canadian service personnel. The Queen's Canadian Military Hospital was opened in October 1914 at Beachborough Park, Shorncliffe. The hospital was an active treatment facility maintained by the Canadian War Contingent Association. While the High Commission had no formal responsibility for these facilities, they did provide certain facilities for the Canadian War Contingent Association. As a result of this informal connection, the records of the Queen's Canadian Military Hospital ended up with the High Commission.

Records in this collection include registers of admission and discharge, and rolls of patient transfers. While the forms varied, some details you may find in the records include the case number, patient’s name, regiment and company, rank, religion, dates of admission and discharge, length of stay, diagnosis, age, length of total service and of service under current command.