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Correspondence, papers and documents, of dates from 1856 to 1882 inclusive, relating to the northerly and westerly boundaries of the province of Ontario537
The St. Lawrence, its basin & border-lands : the story of their discovery, exploration, and occupation533
A trip through the lakes of North America392
Ontario, Smith's Canadian Gazetteer312
Canada, The Picturesque St. Lawrence303
Summer on the lakes, in 1843259
The early bibliography of the province of Ontario, Dominion of Canada, with other information138
The Lower St. Lawrence, or, Quebec to Halifax via Gaspé and Pictou122
Glimpses of St. Lawrence summer life among the islands down the rapids and in Canadian cities117
The keeper of the gate, or, The sleeping giant of Lake Superior81
Hunter & Pickup's panoramic guide from Niagara Falls to Quebec74

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