Canada Voters Lists, 1935-1980

Start discovering more of your family’s story now. You could find a connection to those who helped shape Canada. Uncover records for registered Canadian voters across 15 federal elections. Find a name, address or even occupation.

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Find one relative in the Voters Lists, and you’ll likely reveal other registered voters within the same household — which usually means more of your family. Keep track of your discoveries by building your family tree, and we’ll help you learn more.

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Canadian jobs

Canada Voters Lists contains various jobs held by Canadians between 1935 and 1980. See what your ancestors did for a living. Note: some Canadian women will show marital status in earlier years in lieu of occupations.

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Women in politics

This collection overlaps a significant period in Canadian history when women began establishing their presence in politics. Voting rights were officially granted in all provinces by 1940 and the first Canadian female senator, Cairine Wilson was appointed in 1930.